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Terms and Conditions


You are requested to go through the furnished list of Terms and Conditions administering the usage of our website.

Our website is engaged in to servicing our clients with premium services, packages and information related to air travel only. We strive to make every travel experience of our customers comfortable and ecstatic.

It is advised to go through the set of terms and conditions and policies mentioned on this page as you are deemed to have agreed to all of them (without any alterations) once you peruse the contents of our website or any additional information contained herewith. Each set of terms and conditions furnished on this page is in conjugation with privacy policies and procedures devised to administer our website usage.

The Website

Any content, information or details of services offered, contained on this website is solely owned and administered by Airlines Helpdesk.

Airlines Helpdesk reserves the right of modifying the contents or information contained on this website in cases of event(s) that are beyond control.

Usage Policy

1) Airlines Helpdesk is engaged in assisting customers regarding flight ticket reservations, pre-booking queries and flight status only.

2) Individuals above 18 years of age or those who are legally authorized to enter into a contract are eligible to use the services offered by Airlines Helpdesk based on the set of terms and conditions, and other policies mentioned and administered by our website.

3) Customer must use our services for making legitimate reservations for themselves or other individuals for whom they are authorized legally to act.

4) If a customer is making a reservation for other individuals, they must be informed of all the terms and conditions, rules, policies and restrictions related to the services offered on our website.

5) The terms and conditions, policies, regulations and restrictions mentioned on this page are applicable to each service that is available on our website.

6) Purchases made only from our website shall be considered legitimate. Purchases from any other source will not be entertained for refunds, cancellations, modification or upgrades.

7) Airlines helpdesk reserves the right to cancel any of the services offered on this website in cases (but not limited to) where a customer is found abusing or misusing the same.

8) A separate set of terms and conditions have been devised to govern the sale of travel – related services or products


While Airlines Helpdesk tries its best to ensure the authenticity of the contents, as well as information contained on this website, 100% accuracy of the same, is not guaranteed. In view thereof, we reserve the authority of modifying, rectifying or making necessary improvements to improve the scope of our services as and when the need may arise.


In cases of cancellation or modifications in bookings from the client end, the customer will be liable to pay a relative surcharge to be payable to carrier/ supplier.

Customers are liable to face the results of indulging in any actions or activities that are not a part of the services endorsed on our website. Any form of expense, penalties, taxes, duties or assessments arising as a result of such event(s) must be the responsibility of the customer.


Airlines Helpdesk is stringently committed towards the satisfaction of customers. In case you are not satisfied with our services, we will take all possible measures to compensate you. However, in cases where we are unable to resolve your concerns, you agree to give us a chance of resolving the same by the means of arbitration before taking the matter to court.

To pursue a matter for arbitration, you must send us a letter on our registered address that can be found on this website.

Any information or contents on this website that you deem inaccurate must be brought to our notice and you must allow us a chance to rectify the same before you proceed to pursue any action legally.

Unlawful Use

All contents of this website whatsoever (including but not limited to the copies of tickets or itineraries) must be regarded as the proprietary property of Airlines Helpdesk. You agree to not promote, copy, modify, distribute, reproduce, license or publish any of the services, content, information, products or software on this website commercially or for any other reasons to third – party / parties unless in case of a written legal agreement.

You must not raise any fraudulent, speculated or false reservations for refunds, cancellations or any sort of other demands.

You must not copy or access the contents of this website with the means of any bots, crawlers, scrapers, manual or any other means unless in cases of prior written permission. In case you are found defaming or misusing the content of this website on any outside sources/ platforms whether offline or online, you will be liable for legal actions or monetary compensations.

Passenger Safety

The safety of our customers is guaranteed in most of the cases. However, travelling to some international destinations might involve a slight amount of risk.

Airlines Helpdesk advises the customers to opt for travel insurance. They must additionally peruse any travel related guidelines, warnings, announcements by the advisories or the government of such destinations before proceeding to make reservations.

Airlines helpdesk or any of our affiliates thereof must not be liable for any incurred loss or damages occurring during the course of the journey. We do not endorse that travelling to any destination or by any airline listed on our website free of risk or advisable.

Ticket Booking

Only the tickets that are available online, on our website or offered by the airlines directly will be offered for reservation. However, the sale of any ticket would be subject to the availability of seats on a particular flight. In cases where there are no seats available, the concerned airline reserves the right to cancel a reservation just before the issuance of tickets.

However, in cases of such event(s), Airlines Helpdesk shall be glad to offer viable solutions or monetary refunds to the customer. We shall not be responsible for any consequences of cancellation.

Flight Routes and Scheduling

The airline in concern reserves the right to alter the routes or stops without intimating its passengers beforehand. In such event(s), Airlines Helpdesk must not be held responsible for any compensation, refunds, losses incurred or damages that arise due to (but are not limited to) modifications in the routes or stops.

In cases of direct flights, there might not be any major changes, however, some layovers or stops may be added due to technical or climatic challenges. In such event(s), Airlines Helpdesk must not be held responsible for any compensation, refunds, losses or damages incurred thereof.

International Travel Regulations

Each passenger must comply with all the travel – related regulations and carry necessary travel documents including visa, passport, ticket copies, etc. as warranted by the destination country.

Airlines Helpdesk will not be responsible in case(s) of any non – compliances or missing travel documents. Only the passenger must be held responsible for the same.



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