Best Things to do in Hanoi and Vietnam


Vietnam is a country beaming with energy, it is a place where past and present come together and new experiences await in every nook and corner.

In the capital city, Hanoi, you will find spectacular museums, get to experience various cultural events and get many reminders of the political realities. The food, art, and history hippies will not leave disappointed as well.

Hanoi and many other cities in Vietnam will leave you overwhelmed with choices. So, read on and find the best things that you can do, in this part of the world.


  • Things you should know before you visit Hanoi

Hanoi is called the city of chaos and this chaos is what attracts the crowds. If you happen to go there make sure you soak in, all that the city has to offer.

Spend a few days in the outskirts to enjoy the local life.

Engage in shopping but be sure that you barter down the price of things that you buy. As you might be aware of the overpriced items that are sold in these markets.


  • Things to do in Hanoi

Hanoi is a 1000-year-old city. It is famous among travelers for its ancient citadels, Buddhist temples, unique theatre, shopping markets, and mesmerizing wilderness.

Wander around the Hanoi Old Quarter and gobble onto the lip-smacking flavors of the local food, like Cao Lau noodle and My Quang.

The city has many must-see destinations like Sapa, Ha Long Bay, Hoa Lo prison (Temple of Literature) and many more.

Hanoi is a great place for morning walks and day trips, you can stroll around the old quarter, cycle around Westlake, visit communal buildings and ancient houses, and visit ancient Buddhist temples. Simply put, it has got it all, to keep you entertained.


  • Best Coffee Shops in Hanoi

Some of the best coffee shops in Hanoi are Cong café, Xofa café, Co Ngu café, Giang café, Dinh café and many more.


  • Best food in Hanoi

Some of the best dishes and cuisines that are found in Hanoi are: Pho Bo (Beef Noodle Soup), Bun Cha (Noodle and Grilled Pork), Mien xao luon (Deep-Fried Eel with Glass Noodles), Nem Cuon (Spring Rolls), Banh Goi (Fried Dumpling), Xoi xeo and a lot more mouth-watering delights.


  • Things to do in Halong city, Vietnam

Climb to the Bai Tho Mountain and witness a beautiful scene that this city has to offer.

You can visit, Qualan Island, Coto Island, Cat Ba Island, visit Yentu Pagoda and Baichay beach, where you can enjoy BBQ and swimming. Make a visit to the Sun World Halong Complex.

There are a lot of coffee shops like the Oldtown Café, Cong Caphe, and Ha Long, Rooftop café Halong and Miam bread and café. Besides this, there are many restaurants, where you can grab, good-quality grub, you will also find good-quality seafood in the streets.

Some interesting dishes that you cannot afford to miss out on, includes frog hotpot, oyster, seafood noodles, horseshoe crab, grilled squib, octopus soup and many more.


  • Things to keep in mind, before you go to Da Nang, Vietnam

Da Nang is known for providing good-quality accommodations, which are centrally located and not too far away from the must-visit spots.

So, book your stay at the Moc Mien Hostel, it is just a 5-minute stroll from the Cham Museum and the Dragon Bridge. Go to the Moc Mein coffee and the highlands to grab onto some high-quality food and beverages. Do not miss out on the local flavors of My Quang, Banh Canh, and Pho.


  • Things to do, when you go to Dalat

Dalat is a gem of a city, and there is no dearth of activities you can do here and places you can visit. You can go for a walk, or go try cycling at the long bien beach, swim in the Red River by Vinh Tuy Bridge, take a walk at the under the long bien bridge.

In the outskirts of the country, you can enjoy the railway coffee, try Trung Vit Lon, and watch the night ceremony at the Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum.

There are a lot of coffee shops as well, like the Nola Coffee in Ma May, Loading T coffee shop in Chan Cam. There are some mouthwatering cuisines as well, which you should surely give a try, like Banh Gio, Chan ga nuong, Xoi lap xuong, banh cuon, Sup luon and Mysohappy (My Xao).


  • Things to keep in mind, when you visit Phu Quoc

The Phu Quoc Island is at the top of the bucket list of nature lovers. This island features the best environment in all of Vietnam, with the sea, the rivers, and the mountains.

You will also be served good-quality seafood while you soak in the sunlight.

Shop at the amazing markets. But keep one thing in mind, you must bargain the price of the products you buy from the markets, especially if you are traveling with a big group, as you are likely to spend more time in the markets rather than relaxing when you travel with a tour group.


  • Things to do in Ho Chi Minh City

There are a lot of markets in Ho Chi Minh City than the renowned Ben Thant Market, you will find a lot of items to take as souvenirs in the inexpensive local markets.

For coffee, make sure that you visit, Thi coffee, Era coffee, the coffee house, the Nomad, the Cong café and the Mocking Bird.

For food, do not miss out on the Thit nuong, Soup cua, Bo la lot, Hot vit lon and Pho.


Here you go, these are some of the best things that you can do in Vietnam and Hanoi, some are mentioned in this blog, but there are many that you will get to experience and enjoy, once you get there.

So, without further ado, book your tickets today, by calling the Airlines Customer Service and get ready to head to your much-awaited trip to Vietnam.