Best Hotel Bars in Bangkok to Grab a Delicious Nightcap


Bangkok is a city which does not leave anyone disappointed. It has something for every generation. It has a range of family hotels and if you are a little grown up, there are a number of hotel bars that provide the best choices for to grab a tasty brew.

Here are a few hotel bars in Bangkok where you can crash at the end of a long day.

1. Skybar Rooftop, Lebua State tower

This bar is a classic and has always been at the top of the list of the best bars in Bangkok. This bar has also played host to a number of Hollywood stars and boasts of filming the most renowned bro-mantic film of the decade.
Although, there is a lot more to this watering hole than a little brush of celebdom. Firstly, it is located at the outcropping of the highest rooftop bars in the world. You will savor a lot of delicious beverages like the Hangovertini which is made of apple juice, rosemary honey, Martini Rosso and green tea liquor.

The bar also serves a lot of cocktails-plus-popsicle creations called Poptails. You can enjoy this you soak in the gorgeous views of the Bangkok Skyline.

The whole layout and ambiance of the rooftop restaurant is really beautiful and is quite different from the other claustrophobic rooftop bars. The sprawling real estate contains the beautiful domed Sirocco which has received many accolades and praise from the world’s top leisure websites and magazines.

Finally, if you are up for tipples and not really looking to have dinner, climb one more floor to Distil. It is hotel’s wine and oyster bar which offers plenty of Aged cocktails, sushi and sashimi, Fine de Claire oysters and hand-rolled Cubans.

2. Above Eleven, Fraser Suite Sukhumvit

This bar is a lot different from your classic rooftop bar in Bangkok. It sits 33 floors above the ground and offers a 180-degree picturesque view of Bangkok’s Skyline, featuring some of the great shopping malls in Bangkok.
The internal furnishing features vertical gardens, steel tree-like installations, and soft ambient lighting for chilling on.

The bar is all about relaxation. You can enjoy the Nikkei Cuisine, a Japanese-Peruvian cuisine dating back to 120 years. Sip the signature cocktails featuring Japanese, Peruvian, and New York influences. Some of the drinks that you must not miss out on include Lavendeu cocktail and light Michelada beer.

3. The bamboo bar, Mandarin Oriental Bangkok

The Mandarin Oriental is renowned for its Bamboo Bar and is one of the best hotel bars in Bangkok.
The bar serves cocktails and drinks by award-winning bartenders. You can savor these witnessing the great jazz performers on stage.
Also, the drinks have intriguing and catchy names like the Kiss of Fire, the Road Jack, and Time after Time.

4. Deco bar and Bistro, Siam

The bar stays true to its name as it features remarkable Art Deco-influenced interior design and is instilled with an old Asia vibe.
It is an ideal place for friends to meet up and relax. You will be served with the familiar favorites, like the Negroni and Bloody Mary. You can also choose brews from a broad wine menu from bubbly champagne to Sauvignon Blanc.

5. Cru rooftop Bar and Red Sky Bar, Centara Grand, Centralworld

The Red Sky Bar is located at the 55th level of the Centara Grand hotel, and it serves a range of drinks for everyone to enjoy.

It has got positive reviews and accolades from every patron who has visited here. The bar has the potential to keep you entertained for the whole night, so plan your trip accordingly.
The wine list is classy and extensive. So after you have had your dinner, head to the Cru Rooftop bar on the 59th floor of the hotel and savor the flavors of some exclusive-label champagnes.

6. St. Regis Bar, St. Regis Bangkok

The St. Regis bar is a classic bar and it proves that class is permanent. At this bar, standard bloody Mary was first produced in 1934. The affluence and elegance of the bar are sure to please you.
You can taste wonderful cocktails with a modern twist like the Siam Mary, a mixture of a classic recipe instilled with Wasabi, Thai chili, coriander, lemongrass, and Thai basil.

7. Octave Rooftop Bar & Lounge, Bangkok Marriot Hotel, Sukhumvit

There is no better place than the Octave Bar to enjoy great twilight views in Bangkok at Marriot Hotel. There are no walls at the Octave, to block your view, instead, the bar is outlined with glass barriers.
With the circular bar at the center, you will be served with an unobstructed view of the city’s skyline while tasting the amazing drinks served here.

8. The Bar at the House, W Hotel, Bangkok

It is a fully restored 130-year-old house like bar based in W Hotel Bangkok. You will get to taste a lot of special brews. The place was initially a royal residence before it housed the Russian embassy.

But that is not all that it has, it has some interesting and mouth-watering drinks to offer. Garden, an amalgamation of the chrysanthemum-and-thyme-infused gin, lemon zest, rosemary, and chamomile tea is a must-try. And, if you want to savor some other drink out of the extensive list of wines, you just need to ask the people behind the bar!

There are not many cities in the world that has more bars than Bangkok. So without further ado, book your affordable flight tickets, by calling the Reservation Phone Number and choose your favorite out of the above-mentioned hotel bars, to relax and unwind with your loved ones and soak-in the city’s skyline.