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If you are looking for reasonable tickets for flights from Seattle to San Juan, there is no other convenient way of booking the same except for calling us. Not only the process is going to be easy, it will also be relatively quick and transparent. We offer you the flexibility of choosing from multiple source and target airports when you are willing to travel between Seattle and San Juan. With us, you can be assured that you are in absolutely safe hands.

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To help you furthermore, we have shared travel details about Seattle and San Juan and. This will help you be prepared for the entire course of your travel beforehand.

About Seattle

Seattle is a major metropolis of United States. Besides that it is also one of the most prominent urban destinations. The place is a chain of many neighborhoods that keep changing from street to street. The households of the city are comfortably prosperous. The city enjoys a temperate weather with rather cool summers and mildly cold winters. Shared are a few highly – rated landmarks that you can explore during your visit to Seattle:

1) The Pike Market Place: A prominent market at the destination where you can go shopping for clam, seafood and a range of other things.

2) The Space Needle: A landmark that is 605 ft. tall and has the first rotating restaurant of the world located at a height of 500 ft.

3) Museum of Pop Culture: Are you a fan of pop music? Visit this landmark to discover a plethora of things about pop culture and music along with experience a music project.

For more information related to Seattle, you can call our customer service representatives on our travel help desk.

About San Juan

San Juan is not only prominent but it is also known to be the biggest city of Puerto Rico. It is located on the northern shore of the Atlantic Ocean. This is the reason that the destination has multiple tourist locations available for visitors by the ocean side. You can go diving or fishing or explore the various seafood market located in the area. The hue of the city is really vibrant and people here are extremely welcoming. Shared below is the information of some of the most prominent landmarks of the destination that you can explore while touring the city:

1) Castillo San Cristobal: Visit this landmark for this is the largest Spanish fort you will see that has been built in New World.

2) Condado: Once you are done exploring all the landmarks at the destination, you can visit Condado for its amazing night life. Party till you actually drop and once you are done, head out to the nearby local eateries to enjoy some local delicacies and booze.

3) Old San Juan: Visit this landmark and explore the history of the place. Besides that you can indulge in Shopping and Salsa music as well as dance performances by live artists.

For acquiring more information about San Juan you can call our representatives on our travel helpline number.

Information about Flights from Seattle to San Juan

Origin Airport: Tacoma International Airport [SEA] is the main commercial airport serving Seattle. Flights from the Tacoma International Airport fly out to destinations such as North America, Asia, Europe, and the Middle East. The airport is a major hub for Alaska Airlines and Delta Air Lines.

  1. Destination Airport: Luis Muñoz Marin International Airport
  2. Flight Price: US $ 295* per person
  3. Distance: 3,724 Miles
  4. Seat Availability: 765 flights per day
  5. Flight Availability: 218 flights per week
  6. Flight Duration: 8 Hours and 58 Minutes
  7. Connecting City: Chicago, Illinois
  8. Airlines to Choose From: Alaska Airlines, American Airlines, Frontier Airlines, JetBlue Airlines, Spirit Airlines, United Airlines.

You should additionally take a note that the low season of booking flight tickets from Seattle to San Juan falls in the month of May where you are likely to get the tickets at 5 percent lower rates. You should avoid booking tickets for flights from Seattle to San Juan in the month of August as it the peak season where the tickets are likely to be offered for 15 percent above the regular prices.

Note (*) – Kindly note that the prices and other details shared here are for reference purpose only and may subject to change. Please read the consult with our representatives at the time of purchasing tickets.

Round Trip vs. One – Way Flights from Seattle to San Juan:

Our travel advisors share that the difference of benefits and price between Round – trip and one – way flights for flights from Seattle to San Juan is not much. You can choose either of the option depending upon your dates of travel. For example, if the date of your return journey is confirmed you can go ahead and book round – trip flights. This way you will not have to worry about taking pain for booking a return journey separately. In cases where the date for return journey is not certain, you can choose to book one – way flights. Overall, if you book a round – trip flight, the ticket fare will be less than booking one – way flights for onward and return journey individually. For a ready comparison, we have shared the flight fares of one – way and round – trip flights with you:

  1. The cost of one – way flights from Seattle to San Juan is US $ 249.75* per person.
  2. The cost of round – trip flights from Seattle to San Juan is US $ 358.41* per person.

That is a saving worth US $ 141.09. Hurry before the price surges and make your reservations by calling us on our customer service number.

How to Book Tickets at Reasonable Prices for Flights from Seattle to San Juan?

Our travel advisors have studied the pattern for flight prices from Seattle to San Juan spread over a duration of 3 months. They have found that the best day to book tickets for flights Seattle to San Juan is on Sunday. You can easily call our customer service representatives on a Monday and ask you to assist them with the ticket bookings for captioned route. You can additionally check with them for any seasonal deals and discounts while you book tickets.

Making payments to us is an extremely safe process. You can either pay through your credit cards or secure using our payment gateway links. Travel experts suggest that it is always safer to choose payment gateways as the chances of any fraudulent activity happening in this case is minimal.

You can choose from a variety of airlines and departure and arrival destinations. Booking flight tickets has never been so easy.

Quick Tips to Book Tickets for Flights from Seattle to San Juan at Reasonable Rates:

You can make use of the early bird ticket booking window. Call us to know about the same. Compare flight prices on various travel websites before you call us or anyone else to book tickets. In case you are running short of time to put in any kind of research, our representatives can help you with a detailed flight fare comparison. Make use of the information that has been shared above such as the cheapest day and months to travel to and fro between Seattle to San Juan while making reservations.

Seattle to San Juan Airports:

Following are the prominent airports that you may choose from when you are travelling to and from Seattle and San Juan. You can make use of any other airport falling in your route. Doing so may also help you save ticket price:

  1. Seattle – Tacoma International Airport [SEA]
  2. Seattle – King County International Airport [BFI]
  3. San Juan – Luis Munoz Marin International Airport [SJU]
  4. San Juan – Dominigo Faustino Sarmiento Airport [UAQ]
  5. San Juan – Fernando Luis Ribas Dominicci Airport [SIG]

If you are new to ticket bookings, let us tell you that calling us would be a wise decision. Our process is extremely transparent and safe. We offer up to 30 percent off on ticket bookings implying you will get the cheapest tickets from us.

Besides reservation, we offer assistance with numerous other things related to your travel such as baggage allowances, check – in, special assistance such as wheel – chair rentals and other medical equipment. You can enjoy a free 24 – hour cancellation policy when you are booking tickets with us.

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