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Flights From Santiago to Beirut Lebanon

Santiago To Beirut Lebanon

Santiago sees a lot of visitors annually while they are on their way to Chile in Southern America. Santiago, which is also the capital of Chile is not given enough credit as a destination that is absolutely worth a visit. The city’s unique placement between the Andes and the Pacific Ocean offers limitless possibilities of day trips on its outskirts.

Each of the subways in Santiago has its own unique artwork that includes murals, paintings, abstract designs or sculptures. You will be able to keep your health and fitness in check with the several workout equipment that can be found in many of the green public spaces throughout the city. Santiago provides is stray dogs with doghouses inside of parks.

While in Santiago, do not forget to try Mote Con Huesillo which is a drink consisting of dried peaches, cooked wheat, and sweet tea. It is usually eaten with a spoon and not drunk.

You can additionally visit San Cristobal Hill which is a hiking spot and enjoy a panoramic view of the city. Followed by that, you can take a trip to La Moneda Palace, the stately office of the president of Chile. You can end this trip by visiting Plaza De Armas which has a collection of several historical statues.

Airports in Santiago

Comodoro Arturo Merino Benitez International Airport

The Santiago Airport also known as the Comodoro Arturo Merino Benitez International Airport is the largest airport to exist in Chile. The airport handles around 14 million passengers on an annual basis. It has one main Terminal building which is segregated in to 4 levels.

The ground floor of the terminal building is meant for handling arrivals, customs, and border controls, etc. The first floor has VIP lounges along with administrative offices. The second floor is meant for departures, check – in, etc. The third floor has VIP areas and restaurants.

The modes of transportation available from the airport are Buses, Taxis, Mini Buses, and Rental Cars. The terminal building has facilities of currency exchange, pharmacy, Police Station, etc.

About Beirut

The city has grown vibrant in recent years and is full of contradictions. Don’t be surprised if you see veiled females walking alongside women sporting crop tops, mosques beside churches or dungeons with bullet holes close to glitzy multi – storey buildings. All of those are just additions to Beirut’s charm. Travelers from far and wide, especially Europe are attracted to visit the destination because of its mountains that are equally suitable for skiers as well as hikers. Beirut is known for its delectable cuisine that includes mouth – watering kebabs, temperate weather conditions, nightlife and it’s cultural as well as historical offerings.

You can pay a visit to the National Museum of Beirut that tell of Lebanon’s history with the help of its exhibits. Following this visit, you can go to the Beirut Central District for shopping. Try the huge feast spread at the Nicolas Audi a la Maison d’lxsir or shop for fresh spices at Souks.

You should also not forget to visit Corniche Beirut, the Beirut Pine Forest Park and the artistic neighborhood of Gemmayzeh Quarter.

Airports in Beirut:

Beirut – Rafic Hariri International Airport:

The Beirut – Rafic Hariri International Airport is one of the most prominent airports in the middle-eastern regions. It is also the only commercial airport in Lebanon. The airport has one passenger terminal building with four levels in it. The ground floor is meant to handle arrivals, the first floor is meant to handle departures, the second floor has airport lounges and the fourth floor has administrative offices.

The means of transportation available at the Beirut – Rafic Hariri International Airport are Car Rentals that can be hired from the designated counters located at different spots across the airport.

Besides that, the airport has facilities for currency exchange, lost and found counters, left luggage, toilets, ATMs, duty – free shops, prayer rooms, public telephones, car rental booths, wheel – chair renting service, baggage wrappings, baggage trolleys, etc.

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