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Sacramento to Myanmar

Sacramento To Myanmar

Sacramento is a prominent destination on the Californian map. Besides its numerous cultural attractions, Sacramento is also popular for its cutting – edge cuisine and rich historical experiences. The place is filled with enough surprises to lift up your spirit instantly.

Sacramento additionally takes pride in its wide array of landmarks, park, and point of interests

Visit the following landmarks on your trip to Sacramento:

1) The California State Capitol

The home to the government of Californian State, the Capitol building is the house of legislature along with being the office to the governor. It is also one of the historical landmarks in the state.

2) The Tower Bridge

One of the most iconic features of the city, the Tower Bridge connects Sacramento to its western counterpart. It also frequently sees traffic of pedestrians, bicycles, and vehicles throughout the day.

3) The Southside Park

The amenities at the Southside Park include a swimming pool, three – quarter mile long jogging trail, a lake where you can go fishing, amphitheaters, etc. One of the most sought – after attractions in the city, the Southside park is a must visit if you are visiting Sacramento for a short vacation.

Airports in Sacramento

1) Sacramento International Airport

The Sacramento International Airport also recognized by its IATA name SMF operates direct flights to destinations across North America and Mexico. Half of the passengers travelling from the Sacramento International Airport travel in Southwest flights. Roughly about 320 commercial flights operate daily from the Sacramento International Airport.

The SMF airport consists of two terminals, namely – Terminal A and Terminal B. The two terminals together have a total of 32 gates. The gates numbers from A1 to A5 along with A10 to A17 are hosted by Terminal A. On the other hand Terminal B hosts gate numbers B4 to B12 along with B14 to B23.

The facilities and services at the airport include Shoe Shine services, dining and shopping outlets, massage bars and wellness products, currency exchange facilities, services for the disabled and nursing mother lounges.

The modes of transportation available at the Sacramento International Airport are Buses, Taxis, Shuttle Cars, and Rental Cars.

Choose from a variety of airlines to travel from Sacramento to Myanmar

You can opt for all major airlines such as Air China, Delta, and easyJet. Call one of or representatives and book the best option available.

About Myanmar

Myanmar, also known as Burma is known for its culture of hospitality as well as openness that is rooted deep within its people. This is one of the most authentic Asian places you could probably visit. Though Myanmar is a road less travelled by vacationers, it sure has a lot of potential as a prominent tourist destination on the Asian map.

While on a trip to Myanmar, you must visit the Inle Lake. The place is famous for its fisherman who fish on one leg. They stand and row with one leg and use the other for fishing which allows them full visibility to the reeds that lie beneath the surface of the lake. You must also visit the sacred Shwedagon Paya which is believed to enshrine the eight heir of the Buddhist deity – Lord Gautam Buddha.

Airports in Myanmar

1) The Yangon International Airport

The Yangon International Airport is the primary as well as the busiest international gateway of Myanmar (Burma). Around 30 international carriers along with 10 Myanmar based airlines operate from the Yangon International Airport. The airport is also informally called the Mingaladon Airport. The airport handles around 6 million passengers on an annual basis.

The airport has four terminals, namely – the Terminal 1, Terminal 2, Terminal 3 and the Guard of Honour Building which is essentially a VIP Terminal.

Inaugurated in the year 2014, the passenger Terminal 1 is the reason why the Yangon International Airport became the most prominent airport of Burma. Straight from the capacity of handling 2 million passengers, the airport can now handle 6 million passengers since the inauguration of Terminal 1.

Terminal 2 is currently closed for renovation and international passengers are travelling from Terminal number 1. Terminal 3 was built in the year 2014 after demolishing an old building that stood there.

The Guard of Honor Terminal was being used as a VIP Terminal. However, the same has now been demolished.

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