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Privacy Policy


At Airlines Helpdesk, we recognize the importance of confidentiality of information provided by the users. The user-information is handled in a safe and secure way. The main aim of this privacy policy is to assist you in understanding how we function and how do we maintain confidentiality. So, it is important that you read all the policies regarding your privacy prior to making any action here.

The privacy policy is valid to any person who purchases, intends to purchase or inquire about any service or product made available by Airlines Helpdesk. By accessing the website, the User hereby agrees to all the terms of this privacy policy and contents listed herein. If the ‘User’ disagrees with any of the points here, they are requested to not access or use our website.

This privacy policy is an essential part of the User Agreement with Airlines Helpdesk and all the terms listed below. This Privacy Policy is applicable to only this website. It doesn’t apply to websites, mobile apps, and mobile sites of third parties even if their products and websites are linked to Airline Helpdesk. It is important that the users must take note of the privacy policies of all the third-party sites they are interacting with.

User Data Privacy

Airline Helpdesk considers the privacy of its customers as a top priority. We safeguard the information that the users have provided us. The Privacy policy is applicable to every service and product which we offer.

Whether it is the general information or if it is about the payment details, we make sure that the privacy of user is secured. Once the user information is in our possession, we abide by the security guidelines and protect it against any unauthorized access.

Non-Personally Identifiable Information (NPII)

All the product and service providing websites collect the Non-Personally Identifiable data from their customers. This information helps us to understand the visitors’ utilization of the website. We also reserve the right to release this non-personal information to cumulate the continuous trends in the usage of our website.

The non-personally identifiable information is the general information such as date and time, language preference, referring website, browser type, etc. This information is entirely anonymous.

Personally Identifiable Information (PII)

Airline Helpdesk asks for the Personally-Identifiable information of the customers. Personally-Identifiable information is the data which is used to distinguish the identity of a user. These include the name of user, their email address, contact details, social security number, date of birth and domicile, etc.

The customer has every right to deny the disclosure of their personal information on the website. If the customer denies providing the personal information, he/she might not be able to avail the service or product benefit mentioned on the website.

Privacy of Customer Information

Security of both the Personally Identifiable Information and Non-Personally Identifiable information is a priority for Airline Helpdesk. We implement the best methods with which the confidentiality of user information is maintained. We are using advanced security layer codes and programs to safeguard the data collected from the users.

Endorsements/Advertisements on Website

The endorsements or advertisements run on our website are not governed or owned by us. The ads are by our advertisement partners who utilize cookies to gather the NPII. Cookies allow the ad servers to identify the IP address of visitors every time they deliver ads.

Information derived from cookies enables the service provider to have a better understanding of user preferences. After knowing the liking of the customers, they offer them ads matching their needs. Airlines helpdesk does not cover the utilization of cookies by its advertisement partners but only of its own website.

Third Party Content

There are links and references on our website which are not at all governed by us. On clicking any of the links on Airline Helpdesk’s website, users will be directed to the respective third-party websites.

Users must take a note that we do not take responsibility of any content, service, the product which is available on the third party websites. Users are also advised to go through the privacy policy and terms and conditions of the website they are interacting with.

Data Security

Airlines Helpdesk doesn’t disclose your personal information to anybody but the group of people associated with the organization. User information is provided to the staff members and that too for offering you better services. As User Data is a matter of extreme confidentiality for us, we do not forward your information to anybody apart from Airlines Helpdesk.

Cumulative Statistics

Airlines Helpdesk gathers statistics for a better understanding of the patterns and trends in user behavior. These figures may or may not be displayed publically. However, customers must rest assured as the Personally Identifiable Information will not be disclosed at any cost.


Airlines Helpdesk may utilize cookies to offer an enhanced user experience. Cookies allow us to bring out personalized content and appropriate data relevant for customer use. If you do not change your cookie settings, it indicates that you are agreeing to our cookie policy.

Modifications in Privacy Policy

Airlines Helpdesk reserves the right to modify, change, replace or make alterations in the privacy policy. However, there are only minor changes but customers must keep a track of the privacy policy. To avoid any kind of violation of the privacy policy, customers must go through the policy every time they wish to avail any service. If you do not change your cookie settings, it indicates you are in agreement with our privacy policies.



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