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Flights From New York to Singapore

New York To Singapore

If you are hunting for a destination where you can get a perfect blend of fun, love, and adventure, New York City has to be your choice. A city that never sleeps, New York City (NYC) is a melting pot of American culture. It offers something new for every taste, style, and budget. Being one of the most popular tourist destinations, NYC offers various rewarding experiences for a traveler. It has made 8th consecutive annual record of accommodating nearly 62.7 million tourists in 2017. Whether you choose to celebrate your event at Time Square or stop by Central Park, you will discover all you LOVE in NYC.

In case you wish to fly to or from New York, the following information might help you make your travel easy.


New York consists of three major airports. You can make your travel affordable by choosing to board your flight from the airport that is nearest to your location.

  1. 1. John F. Kennedy International Airport [JFK]: It is the 22nd busiest airport in the world that have served more than 58 million passengers. Operating more than 80 airlines, JFK provides a convenience to the passengers and makes their trips possible to the major destinations. It is a primary operational base for JetBlue Airlines and a major hub for American Airlines and Delta Air Lines. It consists of 128 gates, 4 runways, and 6 terminals.

2. Newark Liberty International Airport [EWR]: This is a secondary internationally airport serving New York City. It is 12 miles away from New York and 75 miles from Philadelphia. It is located across the Interstate 95 and is not so far from Hudson River. It operates flights for 50 carriers and is the major hub for United Airlines. It consists of one helipad and three runways. It has three passenger terminals A, B, and C. The Terminal A handles only domestic and Canadian flights, whereas Terminal B is exclusively for the foreign carriers. The Terminal C is dedicatedly for United Airlines and its regional carrier.

3. La Guardia Airport [LGA]: This airport is located in the northern part of the New York City and is the third busiest airport. It has served more than 29 million passengers and often the first choice of the passengers as it is only 11 miles away from NYC. It consists of three terminals A, B, C, and D. The government provides fire-rescue, medical, and law enforcement services to the airport.


Singapore is more than a sum of attractions; it is full of Love, Energy, and Adventure! A perfect getaway for passionate travelers, Singapore is a blasting metropolis- full of life, noise, and excitement. Welcome to Singapore, the cleanest and the safest cities of its size in the world. Experience the bling and sparkles with tall buildings, scrumptious food, and the fastest transport. Singapore deserve a place in your ultimate bucket list. It has attracted more than 17 million tourist internationally and is the fifth most visited city in the world.

If you are planning to visit Singapore or going to another destination from the city, the following information might help you.


Singapore Changi Airport [SIN]: It is the major civilian airport and one of the major transportation hubs in Southeast Asia. Accredited as world’s best airport by Skytrax, the airport is located at the eastern end of Singapore and in Changi. It serves more than a hundred airlines flying to around 100 countries covering 400 cities and territories worldwide. It operates 7,500 flights in a week from Changi and about one every 80 seconds. It consists of four main passenger terminals and serves most of the airlines for your travel.

Affordable Travel Tips for you

  1. Book your tickets early, at least 45 days prior
  2. Plan to book tickets in the mid-weeks and avoid weekends
  3. Know the days that offer affordable air tickets
  4. Consider taking a connecting flight for your travel
  5. Never book your tickets too early; you may miss out some discounts
  6. Do not limit your travel plans and be flexible with travel dates
  7. Always choose to travel at the wee hours: early morning or midnight at your convenience
  8. Do not forget to compare the ticket prices on various website before booking
  9. Opt to go for non-refundable tickets only if you are sure with your travel plans
  10. Consider redeeming the frequent flyer points at the time of ticket booking
  11. Use famous ticket booking websites to find good discounts and coupon codes on tickets

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