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New York To Sao Paulo Brazil

The epicenter of American culture and art, New York City is known for its irresistible beauty and charm. Right from monuments, parks, theater to skyscrapers, NYC never disappoints you on excitement and adventure. No wonder it has entertained more than 62 million tourists around the world. Visit the Statue of Liberty, shake a leg at Time Square, spend some time at Central Park or explore the non-tourist side of the city. Pick your favorite, the blasting city of attractions is here to make your travel a memorable trip! Book your tickets now. We provide cheap flights tickets from New York to Sao Paulo Brazil, so contact us if you want to save money up to 30%.

To book your tickets to/ from New York, you might find the following information useful.

List of Airports

NYC has three major airports. You can book your tickets from the airport that is nearest to your location.

  1. 1. John F. Kennedy International Airport [JFK]: It is the major commercial airport serving NYC. It is also the world’s busiest airport and is ranked at the 22nd position. It has managed to carry more than 58 million passengers and operates more than 80 airlines. Delta Air Lines has its major hub at the airport, operates maximum flights and have extended its services. JetBlue Airlines and American Airlines also have their operational base at the airport. It offers various options for shopping, eating, and leisure time, especially if you are traveling with kids.

2. Newark Liberty International Airport [EWR]: This airport is the second busiest airport in NYC and is just 12 miles away from NYC. Situated close to Hudson River, the airport is very near to the Interstate 95. It was built with a motive to provide a convenience to the passengers to reach the airport on time without any transportation hassle. It operates more than 44 airlines and is a major passenger hub for United Airlines. It has three terminals: A for domestic flights, B for international flights, and C is dedicatedly for United Airlines and its other carriers.

3. La Guardia Airport [LGA]: This airport is only 11.4 miles away from NYC and often considered as the immediate choice to board a flight. It has managed to serve more than 27 million passengers and is situated in the northern part of NYC. It offers well-designed cafes, bookstore, and shopping options for your leisure. It offers three terminals to board your flight.

São Paulo

A home to more than 19 million proud Paulistanos, São Paulo is the largest city in South America and Brazil. It is the prime financial and economic center. Serving every food imaginable, São Paulo is famous for its multi-cuisines and experimental dishes. Smart Bistros, gourmet restaurants, innumerable art-house, classic theatre, the city is a fun paradise altogether. Where else can you find the underground bars and 24×7 clubbing experience! Choose to visit São Paulo, whatever pleasures you might expect from the city, they will never be short on fun and excitement.

To fly to Sao Paulo, the following information can be helpful. Know about the airports and more about the major airlines offering the low-cost air tickets.


1. Congonhas – São Paulo Airport [CGH]: This airport is one of the major commercial airports in Brazil. The airport has slot restrictions in which it can operate 30 operations per hour. The main terminal of the airport showcases the most outstanding modern architecture of São Paulo. This is the cornerstone of the airport and has gain accolades by the viewers. It is the world’s third busiest airport for air cargo services. The airport is well-equipped with modern amenities for the passengers. Moreover, it has cafes, shops, and bookstalls to keep you engaged while you wait for your flight near your gate.

2. São Paulo–Guarulhos International Airport [GRU]: Most popularly known as the ‘Cumbica Airport’, it is the primary international airport serving São Paulo. It ranks as the first in Brazil in terms of passengers transported, aircraft operations, and cargo handling. Based on passenger traffic, it is the second busiest airport in Latin America. It also has slot restrictions, which it can operate only 45 operations per hour.

3. São Paulo – Viracopos International Airport [VCP]: It is an international airport serving São Paulo and Brazil. It is the 2nd busiest cargo in Brazil and passenger commutation has increased tremendously in recent years. It is also considered as the largest and the modern airport in Latin America.

Affordable Travel tips for you

  1. Book your tickets early and at least 50 days before your travel
  2. Make sure to check various travel websites and do the price check
  3. Know the latest price, compare them, and book your tickets at a low price
  4. Know when is the best time and date to travel with your selected airline
  5. Choose to travel with different airline this time
  6. Consider taking a connecting flight; this saves money but not the time
  7. Pick wee hours to travel; take either midnight or early-morning flight
  8. Avoid the ticket bookings on weekend and on peak seasons
  9. Make sure you forget not to ask about frequent flyer benefits and discounts
  10. Always inquire whether or not you are eligible for travel-rewards to save money on your travel
  11. Be flexible with your travel time, date, and if possible with the destination (applicable only if you are planning a vacation which could be any place for leisure)
  12. Visit various ticketing websites to avail the latest offers, discounts, and coupon codes
  13. If you are sure with your travel dates, choose to go for non-refundable tickets; they are not expensive
  14. Choose to book a flight from the airport which is nearest to your location
  15. Use flight comparison websites more often

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