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New York To Beijing

Situated alongside Hudson River, New York is quite a prominent destination on the world map. It is considered as the capital of dining and shopping besides being the epicenter of American and art. A large number of tourists frequently visit the destination every year. It has all the glitz and glamour that you have seen in movies or dreamt of. Be it the luxurious apartments, sprawling streets with high – end fashion label stores, mammoth business centers and the enchanting amount of wealth.

New York is a visual as well as a psychological treat.

You can tour the city on trollies or double – decker buses or alternatively visit the neighboring establishments on foot. Take a helicopter ride to enjoy a dramatic view of the New York City’s skyline. Time to Book Cheap flights from New York to Beijing.

Start your trip by visiting the Statue of Liberty which is the statue of an American legendary icon situated at the New York Harbor. Follow this by a visit to the Empire State Building consisting of 103 levels and observatories at floor 100 to 102. End the trip by visiting the Times Square famous for its bright lights as well as Broadway Shows.

Airports in New York City

John F. Kennedy International Airport:

The John Kennedy International or the JFK Airport is situated in Jamaica in the New York City. The airport is administered by the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey. More than 90 airlines operate their flights from the John F. Kennedy International Airport.

The airport has 6 terminals, namely – Terminal 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8. The Terminal 1 has 11 gates and 4 levels meant for mezzanine, departures, and concourses. The Terminal 2 is reserved exclusively for operations of Delta Airlines. It is also divided into 2 levels for handling arrivals and departures. The Terminal 4 has 38 gates and 3 levels for arrivals, departures, and concourses. The Terminal 5 is utilized majorly by JetBlue Airlines. The Terminal 7 has 12 gates. The Terminal 8 being the largest one, has 2 concourses with 12 and 17 gates each.

Modes of transportation available at the airport are AirTrain, Trains, Subway, Buses, NYC Taxis, Airport Transfers, and Car Rentals.

Newark Liberty International Airport:

Newark Liberty International Airport formerly recognized as Newark Metropolitan Airport is a major international airport of the New York area. Serving nearly 50 carriers, Newark Liberty International ranks at the 15th busiest position in the nation.

The Newark Liberty International Airport or FAA has 3 passengers Terminals each of them having 3 concourses. The option of transport available to travel in and out of the airport are Private Shuttles, Buses, Taxis, and AirTrain.

La Guardia Airport

The La Guardia Airport is the third largest commercial airport in the New York City. It handles around 10 – 20 million passengers annually. No non – stop flights are operated beyond the distance of 2400 km from the La Guardia Airport. The airport is also a hub for Delta Airlines.

The La Guardia Airport has 4 passenger terminals, namely – A, B, C and D. Terminal A is segregated from all the other Terminals at the La Guardia Airport. A few general airlines along with Delta Shuttle are known to operate from the Terminal A. Delta Shuttle, American Airlines and American Airlines Shuttle operate inside of the Terminal C.

Terminal D is exclusively reserved for the operations of Delta Airline. A majority of the domestic flights operating in and out of La Guardia airport operate from the Terminal D. It is also called the Central Terminal Building. The entire Terminal D is segregated into four concourses and has total 40 gates.

The facilities available at the La Guardia airport include ATMs, Charging Stations, Pet Relief Area, Travelex ATM, Baggage Claim, Currency Exchange, etc.

The modes of transportation available at the airport are buses, taxis, Rental Cars, etc.

About Beijing

China’s capital, Bejing is a perfect amalgamation between age-old culture and modern day civilization. The city is visited by 4.4 million international tourists every year. People come on a tour to Beijing for experiencing the rich and warm culture of the destinations along with its wonderful scenery.

The Great Wall of China a piece of architecture created by man and included in the seven wonders of world meanders for several hundred kilometers in the city of Beijing. It is one of the few wonders that can also be seen from space. You can visit the Summer Palace which once used to be an imperial garden belonging to the Qing dynasty. Get Cheap Flights from New York to Beijing here.

You can follow this by a visit to the Forbidden City which is a panoramic compound of imperial palaces. If you wish to see authentic ancient Chinese architecture, you must not forget to pay a visit to the Temple of Heaven which once used to be the worshipping place for emperors belonging to the Qing and Ming dynasties.

Airports in Beijing

Beijing Capital International Airport:

The Beijing Capital International Airport is the primary airport serving Beijing. The airport is a hub for airlines such as Air China, China Eastern Airlines, China Southern Airlines, and Hainan Airlines. In 2015, the airport handles around 90 million passengers, making it the second busiest airport across the world.

The Beijing International airport currently has 3 passenger terminals, namely – Terminals 1, 2 and 3. Terminal 1 is the smallest in size and serves domestic flights by several airlines. The Terminal 2 serves above 30 airlines. Terminal 3 is segregated into 3 concourses, C, D and E. Out of these concourses Terminal D has been assigned exclusively to handle international departures and arrivals.

The facilities available at the Beijing International airport are cash dispensers, ATMs, wheel chair rentals, police booths, etc.

The modes of transport at the Beijing International Airport include rails, taxis, buses, and car rentals.

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