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Flights from Miami to Tokyo

Miami To Tokyo

Miami is one of the most sought – after destinations for vacationers and travel enthusiasts. The destination is known to conjure up reflections of sunny beaches, bikinis and extremely vibrant surroundings. However, there is a lot more to it.

Miami is also known to be the home to 800 Art Deco featuring buildings at the Miami Beach making it the world leader in such kind of architecture. Miami is also known as the Cruise Capital of the world as it has one of the busiest cruise ports across the world. With several attractions dedicated to nature, it is obvious, Miami is a traveler’s paradise. The place is also famous for the Calle Ocho festival. This grandest of the grand annual festival of Miami is attended and celebrated by a million people every single year. People indulge in difference fun activities while the celebration of Calle Ocho takes place.

You must visit the famous Miami Seaquarium for its sea life and marine shows. This must be followed by a visit to the Jungle Island which offers tropical attractions along with exotic animals. You can shop and eat at the restaurants located Bayside Marketplace and call it a day by dining at Imbibe at Sugar in Brickell which is an Asian style bar and lounge

Airports in Miami

Miami International Airport

The Miami International Airport also recognized by its IATA name – MIA, is the main international as well as the busiest airport in Miami. MIA ranks at the 40th position worldwide when the number of passengers travelling in and out of the airport are to be considered. The airport has 4 runways and has been handling 30 to 40 million passengers on an annual basis.

Miami International Airport consists of one passenger Terminal having 4 concourses, namely – D, E, F, G, H and, J. All these concourses are named in an anti – clockwise fashion. The main passenger is additionally segregated into 3 sections. These are the North Terminal denoted by the color blue includes the concourse D. The Central or the Yellow Terminal has the concourses E, F and G. The third Terminal, which is the South or the Red Terminal includes concourses H and J.

Besides that, the facilities and services available at the airport include ATMs, currency exchange, food and beverage establishments, vending machines, nursing suites, VIP lounges, etc. The means of transportation available at the Miami airport are Metrorail, Metrobus, Miami Beach Airport Express, Tri – Rail, Taxis, MIA Mover Trains, Car Rentals, etc.

About Tokyo

Tokyo is the perfect amalgamation of history, food, culture, fashion, and architecture. This is the reason that every traveler to visit Tokyo leaves from the city being nothing less than fascinated by its diversity. Tokyo is known to be the largest existing metropolitan across the globe. The destination hosts more than 36 million people.

If you wish to shop tax – free, Tokyo is your paradise. The world renowned Ginza is the most sought – after shopping district. You can shop for products from bigshot brands such as Chanel, Cartier, Bulgari, etc. The Shibuya crossing in Tokyo can have as many as 1000 people crossing from every direction at the same time.

Airports in Tokyo

Tokyo International Airport

The Tokyo or the Haneda International airport is by far one of the busiest and prominent airports of Tokyo. Haneda handles around 50 to 60 million passengers annually and also ranks second in the list of busiest airports across the continent of Asia.

Currently, this airport is the hub for five leading aviation brands, which namely are – Air Do, Skynet Asia Airways, All Nippon Airways, Skymark Airlines, and Japan Airlines.

The airport has 3 main passenger terminals out of which 2 are domestic and 1 is international. The two domestic terminals operate between the duration of 5:00 AM to 12:00 AM despite the fact that the airport remains open for 24 – hours.

The facilities and services available at the airport include wheelchair rentals, police station, pharmacies, ATMs, currency exchange, VIP lounges, food and drink outlets, etc.

The means of transportation available at that point is either the Keikyu Service or The Tokyo Monorails.

Narita International Airport:

The Narita International or the Tokyo Narita Airport serves the region of Greater Tokyo. Narita is also the hub for recognized aviation brands, such as Vanilla Air, Peach, Nippon Cargo Airlines, Jetstar Japan and All Nippon Airways.

The Narita International Airport has 3 passenger Terminals. There are namely the Terminals 1, 2 and 3.

In the first terminal building, there are 3 levels for departure control, immigration clearance, baggage claims, and customs.

The facilities at the airport include wheelchair rentals, public call booths, ATMs, pharmacies, banks, police booths, currency exchange, waiting rooms, VIP lounges, etc.

The modes of transportation available are JR Trains, Keisei Rails, Bus, Taxis, Limos, and Helicopters.

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