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Know about the Lufthansa Airlines, Travel Guide for the First Timers


Lufthansa Airline Customer Assistance

Lufthansa is one of the prominent airlines called as German airlines. It is the largest airline in Europe in terms of Travelers carried. Lufthansa Hubs are located at Munich Airport (MUC) and Frankfurt Airport (FRA). It flies to more than 300 destinations in more than 100 countries. 

Lufthansa Airlines is one of the founding members of the airline alliance, along with SAS, Thai Airways, United Airlines, and Air Canada. It is one of the most significant airline alliances and has more than 25 partners.

It owns number of different subsidiary airlines. Lufthansa Offers Swiss, Brussels Airlines, Eurowings, and Austrian Airlines in affiliation with these airlines. It offers exclusive services.

Lufthansa has a fleet of numerous aircraft with the latest of Airbus and Boeing aircraft.  Thus, the airlines has more than 280 aircrafts. Explore the amazing features of the latest aircraft when flying with Lufthansa Airlines. Get fantastic offers and deals on your booking. 

Book Tickets with Lufthansa 

Travelers who love traveling find different ways to make their journey cheap and better. At Lufthansa Airlines official site, find the best deals that will suit your budget. For the booking, grab amazing offers and deals. Don’t waste your time searching for great offers on other sites. Book with only Lufthansa’s website and get the best bookings ever.

How to Get Amazing Offers on Lufthansa Flights? 

There are numerous team members you can book at reasonable prices. But for verified ticketing and more authenticated, we would be recommended you book from the official airlines. While booking your flights, you should have an idea with the fares accessible over the web and look forward to the official airlines to book your flights. After you book a journey, track your journey with the help of Lufthansa Airlines Reservations.

Check-in with Lufthansa Airlines

Lufthansa gives you an easy way to check-in for your flight. It gives you two to check-in. 

  •     For Online Check-in

When you are going for flight check-in, you can use an online check-in page. Press for the Lufthansa logo and give your flight details on the page to follow your process of check-in. Make sure you check-in before 23 hours of your departure time. 

  •     For Airport Check-in 

If you are using the facility of the airport for check-in, then make sure you arrive at least 2 hours prior to your departure time. For international flights, come before three hours of your flight time. Visit the Lufthansa Airlines official site check-in desks or by using the facility of self-check-in in machines. 

After Booking and Before Boarding

If you are traveling for the first time, then you must keep in mind that time matters if you want to catch the flight on time. You must be present at least 2 hours prior to departure of your flight. Thus, make sure you get your security check-in done inconvenient way. This will help you to have a relaxed journey. 

Flight Status and Timings

You should be in touch with proper flight timings for your flights. The right time will be available when you book your journey by Lufthansa Airlines. Precise timings will lead to a happy trip with no worries. Contact the experts to get more information for your any queries. Ask for any information such as fare availability, delays, flight status, and more. 

Baggage Allowance Policies

Why should we be aware of baggage policies? For a hassle-free journey, make sure you keep your luggage safe and secure. Therefore, many fliers miss their flight just because they carry extra luggage that creates problems during check-in. Make sure you get the following baggage information:

Carry-on Baggage

Fliers flying in economy class and premium economy class on Lufthansa Flights are allowed to bring one bag free of charge. Flier flying in business class can bring two bags for their journey with Lufthansa. Each piece of luggage must not go beyond 8 kg and must follow the dimensions of 55 x 40 x 23 cm. Also, all fliers making the journey through Lufthansa are sanctioned one item of luggage.

Checked Baggage

Fliers flying in the economy should bring one item of checked luggage. If you are wishing to carry extra baggage, then you can bring it, but there may be additional charges. When flying by Economy classic or flex class, fliers are sanctioned to carry one piece of baggage as checked baggage. Fliers can carry baggage with a maximum weight of 23kg. Passengers flying by business class within Europe are allowed to bring two pieces of bags as checked baggage. The luggage must weigh no more substantial than 32 kg per bag. Call at Lufthansa Airlines Phone Number for booking your journey. 

Lufthansa Non-stop In-flight Entertainment

Lufthansa delivers exclusive in-flight entertainment services to make fliers journey entertaining. Enjoy an incredible selection of TV and movies to make their flying experience enjoyable. Find ample reasons to stay entertained in your journey with your loved ones.

Lufthansa Movies

Get a variety of movies to make your moments happier. Get the loveliest journey possible with Lufthansa Customer service. It always updates and adds a new selection of movies on its list. They are keeping the list with the latest releases in a variety of languages available to keep the fliers entertained. From action-packed latest shows to award-winning classes, there are plenty of things to watch on Lufthansa Flights.

Lufthansa TV

Lufthansa makes traveling experiences of fliers incredible. Watch award-winning TV shows as well as amazing shows on your flights. From travel documentaries to comedies, find entertaining things to watch with your dear ones.

Lufthansa Meal Options

Fliers get delicious meals and snacks on their flights with Lufthansa. Fliers flying through first, business and premium class can check the menu before flying. For checking the menu, you have to enter your flight class, flight number, and date on the Lufthansa site. Thus, enjoy your lip-smacking dishes above the clouds in your journey. So, Get the latest deals for your booking with your loved ones.

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