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Flights From Los Angeles to Tokyo

Losangeles To Tokyo

Los Angeles is officially the second most popular and inhabited city in the United States of America after New York City. It is known for the country’s film and fashion industry, a.k.a., Hollywood. Los Angeles or simply L.A. is a financial, cultural, and commercial hub for California. The city is known for its economic prowess as well as its diverse geography. LAX serves as its official international airport.

In case you plan on traveling to Los Angeles, the following information can be of immense use.

LAX International Airport

LAX or Los Angeles International Airport is the airport that serves as the official air transit base for the city of Los Angeles. The airport is located at the southern part of Westchester in Los Angeles.

There are 4 designated airport runways in LAX. 24L/06R and 24R/06L handle the traffic on the north complex of the airport, and 25L/07R and 25R/07L handle the traffic on the south complex of the airport. The airport has a total of 8 terminals.

Non – stop flights to Europe are operated by Condor on a weekly basis at the Fairbanks International Airport. The airport handles around one million passengers on an annual basis.

John Wayne International Airport

John Wayne International Airport is situated in Orange County with its mailing address in Santa Marina, California. Originally named as the Orange County Airport, the air base was renamed in 1979 in order to honor the famous actor, John Wayne. The airport serves as the only air base in Orange County. The airport is just 14 miles away from the popular Disneyland Resort.

Long Beach Airport

The Long Beach Airport is an airport located on the northeastern side of downtown Long Beach in Los Angeles. It was originally named as Daugherty field. The air base serves as a transit point for passenger planes, cargo planes, military air carriers, and general air activities. Based on passenger boarding records, the Long Beach Airport is the tenth busiest airport in California.


Tokyo has served as the Japanese capital city since the year 1869. In 2014, the Greater Tokyo Area was rated as the most populated metropolitan area in the whole world. Officially, Tokyo is considered as a metropolitan prefecture that differentiates it from a regular city and a mere prefecture. This makes Tokyo unique. Tokyo holds the first position in the Global Economic Power Index and holds the third position in the Global Cities Index. The city is also a hub for tourists from all over the globe for its culture, geographic uniqueness, and of course, food. Tokyo has also served a center for the entertainment industry in the form of Japanese films, anime, and manga. The country even has a rich historical and cultural background and plays an important role in science and technology.

In case you plan on traveling to Los Angeles, the following information can be of immense use.

Tokyo International Airport

The Tokyo International Airport, also called the Tokyo – Haneda Airport is amongst the two major airports that serve the air transit of the Greater Tokyo region. The Airport was the primary airport for the city of Tokyo till the year 1978. After 1978, the Tokyo International Airport was given responsibility for a major share of air traffic over Tokyo.

Tokyo – Narita International Airport

The Tokyo – Narita International Airport or just Narita International Airport, was originally referred to as the New Tokyo International Airport. It is amongst the two major airports that serve the Greater Tokyo region. The Tokyo Narita Airport is predominantly the main international airport of Japan with the responsibility of over 50 percent of Japan’s international flights as well as about 60 percent of Japan’s international cargo.

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