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Losangeles To Paris

Los Angeles or the City Of Angels (in Spanish) is a sprawling city located in the southern part of California.

The destination is known to be the Capital of Entertainment and has the very famous Hollywood located inside it. The destination experiences a fairly pleasant or sunny climate for a majority of the year.

Besides being the entertainment capital, Los Angeles is also touted as one of the most economically well – off destinations across the globe. This is owing to the fact that all the industries prevailing here witness equal growth more or less.

Not to forget the tourist attractions in Los Angeles, each one of them is equally fascinating. While on a trip, you must make sure to visit the famous Walk of Fame, Hollywood, Griffith Observatory and Disneyland.

Airports in Los Angeles

Los Angeles International Airport

The Los Angeles International airport is the most prominent and busiest airports in the region. It is also famously recognized by its IATA name LAX.

The airport has 8 passenger terminals. Southwest and Delta Airlines use the Terminal 1 and 5 exclusively for operating or landing their flights. The Terminals 6 and 7 are connected to each other. The rest of the Terminals, namely 4, 5, 6 and 7 can be traveled by inter-terminal buses.

The airport is well-facilitated with establishments of food and beverages. Besides that, you will be able to find pharmacies, duty-free shops, call booths, ATMs, facilities of currency exchange, etc.

The modes of transportation available at the airport range from buses to taxis to shared shuttles, etc.

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About Paris and 

The Capital of France – Paris is located on the continent of Europe. It is the worldwide hub for art and culture, fashion and gastronomy.

Criss – crossed by Boulevards, the city exuberates warmth and hospitality for its tourists. Known as the “City of Lights”, Paris is famous for its Museums, bridges, flea markets, cathedrals, etc.

There are several attractions in the city such as the world – renowned Eiffel Tower, the much sought – after Gothic Notre – Dame Cathedral, Louvre Museum, etc.

Airports in Paris

Charles De Gaulle Airport:

Charles De Gaulle Airport which is also called the Roissy Airport is the busiest as well as the biggest international airport in France. The airport handles around 60 million passengers and around 4 lakh flights operate from here on an annual basis. It is a major hub for the Air France Airlines.

The airport has 3 passenger Terminals, namely – the Terminal 1, Terminal 2 and Terminal 3. Terminal 1 is divided into 3 levels. Level 1 is restricted for the common public and is utilized for carrying out technical operations. Terminal 2 is further divided into sub – terminals A to G. The Terminal 3 consists of a single building meant to look after passenger arrivals and departures.

The facilities at the airport consist of ATMs, pharmacies, telephone and police booths, cafes and restaurants, currency exchange and car rental counters, wheelchair rentals, etc. The modes of transportation available at the airport are shuttle rails system, the RER – B regional express services, buses, rental cars, taxis, etc.

Paris Orly Airport:

The Paris Orly Airport is also simply referred to as Orly. It is the 2nd and 12th busiest airport in France and Europe respectively. The airport handles around 20 – 30 million passengers annually. Flights operated from the airport serve destinations such as Europe, North America, the Caribbean, Middle East, and Africa.

The Paris Orly Airport has 2 passenger Terminals, namely – Terminal South or Sud and West or Ouest. The Terminal South is divided into 6 levels. Level 1 is meant for Check – In, Level 2 for Arrivals, Level 1 for Departures and Level 2, 3 and 4 for Services. The Terminal West is known to have 2 levels for handling arrivals and departures.

Besides the above, the airport has 3 runways. The modes of transportation available from the airport are car rentals, Trains, Buses and Coaches and Orlyval Metro.

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