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Los Angeles is an extremely popular location and is frequently used as a backdrop in many international films. The diverse culture of Los Angeles is something which all of us are aware of. The amalgamation of vibrant culture and continuous upgrades are making this place a perfect tourist location.

For every tourist who comes to L.A., there is a lot to explore. Right from visiting the Universal Studios to enjoying a few days at Disneyland Resort, Los Angeles offers something to everybody who comes here.

Visit Newark, New Jersey

Newark is the most populous city of New Jersey. Even though New Jersey is a small state, there still are many tourist attractions here. Right from magnificent historical monuments to excellent museums, there are many places waiting to be explored in the Newark.

If you plan on visiting Newark, make sure that you visit Newark Museum which is a significant tourist attraction.

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Information about Airlines

We have customer representatives for all the major airlines operating flights from Los Angeles to Newark. Spirit Airlines, United Airlines, Alaska Airlines, America Airlines, Delta Air Lines, Southwest Airlines, and JetBlue Airlines are the major international airlines which have operations between LAX and EWR. For flight reservations, call on the airlines reservation number.

Baggage Policies

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Information about Flights between Los Angeles to Newark

  1. The average distance between Los Angeles and Newark: 2,448miles
  2. Flight Arrival: Newark Liberty International Airport
  3. Flight departure: Los Angeles International Airport
  4. Average Flight Duration: 5h 44min
  5. Seats Available: 1,887
  6. Flight price: $185 – $190
  7. Common Airlines: Spirit Airlines, Alaska Airlines, and United Airlines

Airport for flights from Los Angeles to Newark

  1. Airport in Los Angeles
  2. Los Angeles International Airport (LAX)
  3. Airport in Newark
  4. Newark Liberty International Airport (EWR)

Tips for Affordable flight travel

If you want to have an affordable flight from Los Angeles to Newark, try traveling in the month of February. There is a decrease in the flight fares making the time ideal for flight travel. If you are looking for an economical flight journey, then this might be the perfect time for you to fly.

For cheap flights from Los Angeles to Newark, try booking flight tickets at least 3 months prior to the departure.

Make sure that you are flexible with your flight travel plans. Being flexible can fetch you better flight deals and discounts.

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