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Flights From Los Angeles To Abu Dhabi

Book flights from Losangeles To Abudhabi

The city of Los Angeles is the second most famous and populated city in the whole United States of America after New York City. In the western part of the USA, it is the most populous and the most famous city in terms of culture, glamor, and lifestyle. The city is known for the country’s film and entertainment industry, a.k.a., Hollywood. L.A. is a financial, cultural, and commercial hub in California. The city is known for its economic, geographic, and cultural significance. LAX, pronounced as the separate letters, serves as its official international airport.

In case you plan on traveling to the city of Los Angeles, the following information can be of importance.

LAX International Airport

LAX or Los Angeles International Airport is the airport that serves as the official international airport for the city of Los Angeles.

The airport is located near Westchester in Los Angeles. There are 4 designated airport runways in LAX. There are 24L/06R and 24R/06L that handle the traffic on the north complex of the airport, and then there are 25L/07R and 25R/07L that handle the traffic on the south complex of the airport. The airport has a total of 8 terminals.

John Wayne International Airport

Originally named as the Orange County Airport, the air base was given the name John Wayne International airport in the year 1979 in order to honor the famous actor, John Wayne. The John Wayne International Airport is situated in Orange County. It’s mailing address in Santa Marina, California. The airport serves as the only airport in the Orange County area. The airport is 14 miles away from the Disneyland Resort.

Long Beach Airport

The Long Beach Airport is situated on the northeast side of downtown Long Beach in Los Angeles. The airport is owned by the city itself. It was originally named as Daugherty field. The air base serves as a hub for passenger planes, military air carriers, cargo planes, and various general air activities.

Although commercial flights are restricted in the airport, witnessing charter, passenger, and private aviation flights are not uncommon at all. The airport is under one of the strictest noise abatement laws in the country. The airport has three dedicated noise specialists and curates a noise compliant report on a monthly basis.

Abu Dhabi: Flights from Los Angeles to Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi is the capital of the United Arab Emirates. It is also the capital of the Emirate of Dubai, which is the biggest of the seven Emirates of Dubai. Abu Dhabi is located on a T shaped island adjacent to the Persian Gulf. The city flaunts a beautiful combination of finance and culture with a total population of about 1.8 million as per the data in 2016 and The city holds a major stake of over two-thirds of the total USD 400 billion economy of the United Arab Emirates. The city got its name from the word ‘Dhabi’ that refers to a certain species of the gazelle as it was once in plenty in the Arabian areas. Abu Dhabi basically means the father of the gazelle, where Abu is father and Dhabi as mentioned earlier is the gazelle.

In case you plan on traveling to the city of Abu Dhabi, the following information can be of importance.

Abu Dhabi International Airport

Abu Dhabi International Airport is located in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi and is the emirate’s primary international air gateway. The international airport is situated about 31 kilometers or 19 miles east of the main Abu Dhabi city is the second largest airport in the United Arab Emirates. The airport has three operational passenger terminals. The entire airport is spread in a span of about 8,500 acres or 3,400 hectares. The airport terminal spaces at the Abu Dhabi International are mainly occupied by Etihad Airways which is the primary carrier of the United Arab Emirates. There have been plans to expand the airport by the year 2019. The history of the airport is rich. It was originally conceived in the year 1974 when the nation was newly formed.

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