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Flights from LAX Los Angeles to PRG Prague: General Information

Flight Arrival: Prague

Flight Departure: Los Angeles

Distance between Los Angeles and Prague: 5,950 Miles

Flight Duration between LAX to PRG: 13h 20m

Flight Fares: $560 – $770

Common Airlines on the route: United Airlines, British Airlines, and Turkish Airlines

Airport for Flights from Los Angeles to Prague

In Los Angeles: Los Angeles International Airport (LAX)

In Prague Václav Havel Airport (PRG)

Airlines for Flights from LAX Los Angeles to PRG Prague

United Airlines


Turkish Airlines

British Airlines


Alaska Airlines

Norwegian Airlines

American Airlines


Air France

Air Canada

The above-listed are the major international airlines which offer services from LAX Los Angeles to PRG Prague. In addition to these, there are numerous premium airlines which extend flights between these destinations. Customers can choose from a wide range of airlines and customize their flight as per their convenience.

How to Book Flights with Airlines

At Airlines, we aim at simplifying flight reservations for the customers. In order to do so, we have introduced a quick, three-step flight reservation process. With this, customers can book their flight from LAX Los Angeles to PRG Prague and all the other routes without any problem.

Call on Flight Reservation Phone Number

The first step for reservation of flights from LAX Los Angeles to PRG Prague is calling us on the flight reservation helpline number. Call us on airlines reservation phone number and get in touch with our flight reservation experts. Our travel experts will then take down all your travel requirements and find all the available deals on the respective route.

Share Your Flight Requirement

For flight reservation, give us all your flight requirements. These are:

– Destination(s) and date of flight

– Airports (if any of the destinations has multiple cities

– Type of Flight: Connecting or Nonstop; Roundtrip or one-way

– Whether you are flexible with the flight schedule or not

– In-flight services (additional)

– Special Assistance while traveling (pet travel, infant travel, disabled travel, unaccompanied minor, etc.)

In addition to these, if there are any other requirements, you should inform our travel experts before confirming the reservation.
Our travel experts will analyze all the available flights from LAX Los Angeles to PRG Prague for you and bring the finest flight deals out of which you can make your choice.

Confirming the Reservation

The third and final step in flight reservation is confirming your flight reservation. To confirm your flight reservation, you are required to make the payment of your flight ticket. To pay for your flight from LAX Los Angeles to PRG Prague, you can either use your Credit Card or use the Online Payment gateway at Airlines

Ticket Delivery

Flight tickets are delivered on the respective address of the customers based on their choice of delivery. Flight tickets are delivered on
– Residential Address via Post
– Email Address via E-mail

Cancellation of Flight Tickets 
Airlines offers a providing for cancellation of flight reservations as well. If a customer has to cancel their flight from LAX Los Angeles to PRG Prague, they can do so without having to think about the cancellation charges.

Tickets for flights from LAX Los Angeles to PRG Prague that are canceled in the initial 24 hours of booking are canceled without any cancellation charges. So, ticket cancellation for any route within the first day of booking is done with no deduction or cancellation fee.

However genuine deductions and cancellation charges are applicable afterward.

Peak Month of Flight Booking

The most popular month to book flights from LAX Los Angeles to PRG Prague is in June. There is a whopping hike of 23% in the prices of flight tickets of this route.

As this is the most popular route for flight reservations, there is also a possibility of having jam-packed flights.

Lowest Season for Flight Reservations

If you are thinking of booking flights from LAX Los Angeles to PRG Prague at the lowest price then the perfect time is in February.

There is a decrease of 4% in the prices of flight tickets this month because of this being a low season. This is the ideal time when you can beat the crowds as suggested by many travel websites.

Cheapest Day to Book Tickets
The cheapest day to book flights from LAX Los Angeles to PRG Prague is Monday. The most expensive flight tickets on this route are found on Fridays.

Returning from Prague to Los Angeles, the most expensive tickets are found on Wednesday while the best flight deals are found on Friday.

Advance Bookings
If you want to book flights from LAX Los Angeles to PRG Prague at the lowest price, book your tickets 2 – 3 months in advance.

Even if you have missed making a reservation in the advance flight booking period, you can still get discounted flight tickets. Book your flights from LAX Los Angeles to PRG Prague with Airlines and get 30% off even on late reservations.

Why Book With Us?

At Airlines, we make sure that the customer gets the most benefit on every flight reservation. On each flight booking, we offer:

a. Discount up to 30%

b. Safer transactions

c. Confidentiality of Customer Information s

d. Absolute Transparency/ No Hidden Charges

e. Free-Cancelation of flight reservations

f. A wide variety of options to customize the air trip (400+ premium airlines)

Book your next flight from LAX Los Angeles to PRG Prague with us and get all these benefits on your flight travel. Get maximum benefits on flight bookings, only with Airlines

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