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How to book your flight from MCO Orlando to EFL Kefallinia?

We provide only telephonic assistance to help you with ticket booking. One of our representatives will always be there to answer your queries regarding the ticket reservation. Decide your travel date, time, and day and let us know when you want to book your flight from MCO Orlando to EFL Kefallinia.

We analyze and find out the best days to travel Kefallinia so that you save a significant amount on ticket booking. We give you a list of airlines with varying airfares starting from low to high. You can decide and let us know about the option that looks affordable.
Next, give us your personal information, number of passengers, and bank details. Also, let us know if your travel involves carrying an infant or a pet. The reservation process may differ in such case. Last, you need to do the payment for your flight from MCO Orlando to EFL Kefallinia.

You can either do the payment by our online payment gateway or through your valid Credit Card. Each mode of payment promises to safeguard your personal information from any kind of theft and mishandling. All the personal information like your Name, Age, email ID, phone number, etc. remains safe with us.

How we help you with your special travel?

Emergency Travel

Traveling to Kefallinia due to a medical or any other emergency? We can help in arranging the ticket and making it a cost-effective trip. Call us to know how and book your flight from MCO Orlando to EFL Kefallinia with us.

Peak Season Travel

The chances of finding discounts become slim during the holiday season. But, we try every way possible that you save at least a significant amount while choosing to do ticket booking with us. You hold a chance to book a flight from MCO Orlando to EFL Kefallinia at a cheaper price with us.

Traveling with an infant, pet or a disabled person

Get every information related to your special travel by calling us. We guide you through the services that you can avail at the airport and in the flight to make your travel smooth.

Last Minute’s Travel

Whether it is a business trip or a spur-of-the-moment trip, you can call us to book your flight from MCO Orlando to EFL Kefallinia at a low-cost. Even last minute’s travel can save some money on ticket booking.

How do we help in ticket cancelation?

You can cancel your flight from MCO Orlando to EFL Kefallinia for free with us. There are no additional charges involved if you cancel your reservation before 24 hours of departure. But, if otherwise, extra charges may apply. The additional cancellation charges differ from one to another airline.

General travel Information for your flight from Orlando to Kefallinia

Origin Airport: Orlando International Airport (MCO)

Destination Airport: Kephalonia International Airport (EFL)

Flight Price: $1,768*

Distance: 5,610 miles

Airlines Serving: Lufthansa, Delta Airlines, United Airlines, and American Airlines

Flight Duration: 16 hours 25 minutes

Percentage of flight to get delayed: 12 minutes

More information about Kefallinia

Also known as Cephalonia, the city is famous for its favorable weather, food, and sightseeing. Kefallinia is the sixth largest island in Greece which is visited for its crystal clear water, sapphire blue sea, and lush green mountains.

If you always wanted to snorkel or dive in the seabed, this is your place. The seabed around the island will definitely satisfy you. You might get a chance to encounter sea turtle and monk seals. The history, tradition, upbeat nightlife, and delicious cuisines will make you fall in love with this island. To experience all of these, book your flight from MCO Orlando to EFL Kefallinia.

Weather in Kefallinia

Kefallinia enjoys a warm Mediterranean climate with moderate hot temperature and full sunny days throughout the year. Winters are dry and cold with an average temperature of 13 degree Celsius in day and 5 degree Celsius at night.

Kefallinia is pleasant in spring when the weather is neither too cold nor too hot. This season is ideal for sightseeing and spending time outside soaking up the sun. In case you are a beach person and looking for a reason to get tanned, you can book your flight from Orlando to Kefallinia in July and August.

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