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How to Book flights from BOS Boston to ODS Odessa?

Our booking procedure is extremely simple and quick in comparison to conventional flight booking procedures:

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How to Make Payments for flights from BOS Boston to ODS Odessa?

We bring convenient flight-solutions for our customers. Thus, we offer two easy options for making flight payments:

Through Payment Gateway

After you book your reservation and choose to make payment with the Payment Gateway, you will be required to follow the onscreen directions. Fill in the required fields and the payment will be issued. After the bank verifies* your account details, the payment will be processed.

Through Credit Card

For payments with Credit Cards, you will have to share your card information with us. This information is used to verify the cardholder’s ingenuity and the payment is authorized or declined accordingly.

*Verifies: We verify the identity of the user before we proceed to make the payment for flights from BOS Boston to ODS Odessa. All the payments are processed only after there is a confirmation from the respective bank.

Are the Payments secure with Airlines Helpdesk?

Being skeptical about online transactions is normal. Payments made with Airlines HelpDesk are absolutely safe and secure. We ensure that all the information provided to us is encrypted end to end. The transmission of information is prohibited on the internet to provide ultimate security to the customers.

General Information of flights from BOS Boston to ODS Odessa

Flight Arrival: Odessa

Departure: Boston

Flight Price: $500 – $700

Distance between Boston and Odessa: 4,654 Miles

Flight Duration: 13h 55m (Multiple Flights)

Common Airlines: Turkish Airlines, Lufthansa, and United Airlines

Airports for Flights Boston to Odessa

In Boston: Boston Logan International Airport (BOS)

Airports in Odessa: Odessa International Airport (ODS)

Airlines Operating Flights from BOS Boston to ODS Odessa

Turkish Airlines

United Airlines


Air Canada

Air France

British Airways

American Airlines

Delta Air Lines

For flights from BOS Boston to ODS Odessa at the discounted prices, we compare the prices of all the airlines listed above. Our travel experts will help you with the flight fare comparison and find the best deals for you.

Best time to Travel

If you are willing to save money on your flight from BOS Boston to ODS Odessa, then make reservations in the month of January. You can find the best deals for the flights on this route in January as there is a decrease of 3 – 6% in the flight fares in the month of January.

When Not to Travel?

The most expensive deals on flights from BOS Boston to ODS Odessa can be found in the month of July. There is a 3 – 5% increase in the flight fares in July but if you want to travel in the peak season, you can make your reservations with us.

We offer flight reservation at discounted rates making traveling in peak season budget-friendly.

Cheapest Day to Travel

If you want to get cheap flights from BOS Boston to ODS Odessa, book flight tickets on Sundays. For the same route, the most expensive flight deals are available on Thursdays.

From Odessa to Boston, the most expensive day to travel is Wednesday while the best deals can be availed on Mondays.

Make your reservations for flights from BOS Boston to ODS Odessa after considering the peak days of the week.

However, if you have to book flight tickets on this day, you can book your flight tickets with us at 30% off.

How Early Should I book flight tickets?

For flights from BOS Boston to ODS Odessa, book reservations 55 – 60 days before the due date of departure. Making flight reservation in advance can be beneficial for you.

But if you have to book any last-minute flight ticket(s) to Odessa, we can help you in making reservations for you at discounted prices. Call on our airlines reservation phone numbers and get the best deals on flight travel.

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