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How to book your flight from BOS Boston to CLJ Cluj?

Before you reach us on the call, we recommend you stay ready with the following information about your flight booking.

Personal information of all the passengers traveling

Details of your credit card

Information about your bank

Airline you wish to travel with

Airline travel class; Business, Economy or Premium

Next, you need to follow the following stepwise procedure to book your flight from BOS Boston to CLJ Cluj.

Step 1: Dial our toll-free number and give us your travel requirements for your flight from BOS Boston to CLJ Cluj.

Step 2: To suit your travel needs and interests, we give you a list of options to choose from. Select an option that fits the best in your budget and travel schedule.

Step 3: Give us your confirmation and we walk you through the payment process.

Step 4: You can do the payment either by using your credit card or via our payment gateway. Select the mode of payment whichever is convenient for you.

Step 5: After the payment is done, we send you the ticket to your email ID. You should check all the details on the tickets to make sure that there is no mistake. If any change is required, you can tell us that very moment.

The 2 modes of Payments

1. Payment Gateway: After confirming your flight order with Airline, we guide you to do the payment following the onscreen instructions of our payment gateway. Input the information in required fields. We verify your given information with the bank and ensure if it is true. The payment for your flight purchase is authorized depending on the cash available in your account.

2. Credit Card: Share last four digits of your card to initiate the payment for your flight purchase. We verify you with the bank just to ensure that the payment is requested by a real cardholder and not by anyone else. In case the information is found not to be true, we will not process the payment.

Your information is dear to us as it is to you. We safeguard it against any data breaching and any sort of mishandling.

100% secure payment, guaranteed

Airlines HelpDesk encrypts your personal information so that it becomes unable to be read or understood by anyone accessing the Internet. All the personal and bank information you share for booking your flight from BOS Boston to CLJ Cluj remain safe and protected with SSL protocol.

General information about your flight from BOS Boston to CLJ Cluj

Origin Airport: Boston Logan International Airport (BOS)

Destination Airport: Cluj International Airport (CLJ)

Flight Price: $567*

Distance: 4,372 miles

Airlines Serving: United Airlines, Lufthansa, and Turkish Airlines

Flight Duration: 21 hours 50 minutes

Percentage of flight to get delayed: 12 minutes

When is the best time to travel on this route?

Visiting Cluj in the month of October is the best time. This is the time when the ticket prices are low and the hotel accommodation and car rental services are also cheaper. So, if possible try booking a flight from BOS Boston to CLJ Cluj in this month. Give us a call and we can arrange the tickets for you.

Which is the cheapest day to book your flight from BOS Boston to CLJ Cluj?

Wednesday is the time when you can get the best offers for ticket booking. Along with an additional discount of 30% with us, you can save more on your reservation on Wednesday. In case you are traveling on a day other than Wednesday reach out to us and get assured discounts.

How early should you book your tickets?

Not more than 4 weeks. Booking your tickets too early can cost you the exciting discounts provided by the airline. So, call us to book your flight from BOS Boston to CLJ Cluj. In case, it is an emergency visit, we can arrange the tickets for you at the best price. We try that you save significantly on your travel even if it is a last minute’s one.

Why book your tickets with us?

Get one-point access for ticket booking, upgrading, re-booking, and cancelation

Choose from all the popular airlines serving your route

Verified and accurate pricing for your flight purchase

You get 24 hours assistance for your special travel with an infant, pet or a disabled person

You get the support of passionate travel agents who are here to make ticket booking a hassle-free experience for you.

Make way for an affordable ticket booking solution, where you save money, time, and efforts. Quickly grab the phone and call us to book your flight from BOS Boston to CLJ Cluj. We are eager to assist you.

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