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Planning your trip to your favorite destination like Amsterdam becomes stress-free when you have one-point access to all the information regarding your travel queries. Right from ticket booking, finding discounts to knowing about the flight status, we give you all the latest and updated information.

For your flight from Beijing to Amsterdam, we give you a list of low-cost ticket booking options, ranging from high to low. We have representatives of all major airlines to provide you with the real-time changes in the ticket prices and seat availability.

Where to find the low-cost air tickets for your flight from Beijing to Amsterdam?

The prices for the flight from Beijing to Amsterdam changes every day, hour, and minute. So, if you want to grab the latest deals, call us on our helpline number. We present you with the latest discounts, offers, and promotional codes for your route.

The information we share is verified and correct. We have partners of more than 400 airlines. Ranging from no-frills airlines to luxurious ones, we cover all airlines suitable for your selected route. Depending on your travel date, time, and class of travel, you get to choose the most affordable airline that serves your travel needs, interests, and budget.

We ensure that you get all the possible price relaxation on ticket booking for your route. Whether it is a business trip or a family vacation, you choose the best available deal for your travel. With us, you travel stress-free without bothering much about the tedious task of ticket booking.

How to book Beijing to Amsterdam flights at a cheaper price?

Ticket booking is easy and quick with us. Simply call us on our helpline number and share your travel date, time, and day. We give you a list of airlines along with ranging airfare from low to high. You can have a look at the list and can choose the option that seems the most economical to you.

Give us your personal details like Name, email ID, Phone Number, etc., and confirm the booking. Once you confirm the booking with us, we take forward the ticket booking process on your behalf and make you board-ready. You stay with us on the telephone while we do all the booking procedures for you. We inform, guide, and then do the Beijing to Amsterdam ticket booking for you.

To complete the process, we ask for your Credit Card details. It is to do the payment for your flight order. You can also do the payment yourself by following our secure payment gateway. We promise to safeguard your information.

We simplify the travel bookings for you

Other than booking tickets for your travel, you can reach us to resolve your special travel-related queries. Starting from flight status, check-in timings to final boarding, we give you one-point access to get your every query answered in the least possible time.

For your travel from Beijing to Amsterdam, you can call us:

  1. To know about the in-flight meal and beverage options and prices
  2. To inquire about the check-in options and the quickest way to do it
  3. To know about the infant and other travel policies
  4. To make sure that you check-in on time
  5. To inquire about the gate timings and ensure you board your flight in time
  6. To inquire about in-flight medical oxygen service with the airline
  7. To know how to use the mileage and frequent flyer program of the airline
  8. To get information about the payment gateway, its policy, and usage
  9. To enroll for free price alerts for your flight from Beijing to Amsterdam

You can call us at any time of the day, even at the oddest hour of the day. We happily assist you with a timely resolution of your travel query. With us, you get human-voiced assistance to get your query answered. Our representative patiently listens to your travel concerns and stays with you on the line until the problem is completely resolved.

Benefits of booking flight from Beijing to Amsterdam with us

For your flight from Beijing to Amsterdam, we give you verified and accurate information. You get to know about the major international airports and airlines serving your route. We let you know about the best days, month, and time to travel from Beijing to Amsterdam.

  1. You get up to 30% off on each reservation
  2. You get leverage of canceling your reservation for free before 24 hours of the departure
  3. You get more discounts on group travel
  4. You get to know about the direct as well as connecting flights from Beijing to Amsterdam
  5. You can book special services like a wheelchair, oxygen cylinder, baby seat, etc.
  6. You hold a chance to get discounts even if it is a last-minute’s ticket booking

Whether it is about ticket booking or knowing more about the tourist destinations (Beijing to Amsterdam), we provide you with every information here in one place. Let’s start with most famous places to visit at the two destinations.


Every year millions of visitors flock to Beijing, as the city offers a list of attractive tourist spots. Starting from The Great Wall of China, Forbidden City to Temple of Heaven Park, the city offers plenty of reasons to plan your vacation this time.

Among the city’s main attractions, The Heavenly Temple, Coal Hill Park, and Imperial Palace are the most famous tourist spots. The city is often referred to as Peking, which means it is the place that offers a dense network of road, airline, and rail, and makes transportation possible to any destination in China.

Moreover, you can also enjoy shopping, dining, entertainment, and attend glorious events- Adventure begins in Beijing!

Book your tickets now and become a part of the truly joyful and adventurous city, Beijing. Make the most of your trip. Start by saving on money on your ticket booking. Call us and book your tickets for flights from Beijing to Amsterdam at a cheaper price.


The capital of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, it is one of the most visited places in Europe. Amsterdam is the leading cultural, art, and music center. All major award functions, theatres, music, and other entertainment events take place in Amsterdam.

The city provides a unique mix of fun, adventure, and culture. It is majorly famous for its historic homes, built in the design of concentric segments and in the shape of fans. Houseboats are another reason why the city is the most visited tourist destination in Europe. You would definitely have a great time spending there with your kids and people you love.

Witness picturesque bridges, including the old wood-made bascules bridge and Magere Brug, the most photographed spot of the city. Discover many other places in the city. Make memories and stay joyful.

To book your tickets for flights from Beijing to Amsterdam, call us on our helpline number and we help you get the most affordable tickets for your route.

Information about your flights from Beijing to Amsterdam

  1. Origin Airport: Beijing Capital International Airport
  2. Destination Airport: Amsterdam Airport Schiphol
  3. Flight Price: $539* per person
  4. Distance: 4,863 miles
  5. Direct flights: 14 direct flights available
  6. Flight Duration: 9 hours 35 minutes
  7. Best time to fly: March (ticket charges are likely to increase by 12% and decrease by 2%)
  8. Airlines to choose from: British Airways, Etihad Airways, and Turkish Airlines
  9. Connecting City: Frankfurt, DE
  10. Number of seats available: Although there are 382 seats available, they keep on changing
  11. Percentage of flight to get delayed: 10 minutes are common

The best time to book your flight from Beijing to Amsterdam is starting from the month of February, March, and April. Moreover, Tuesdays, Saturdays, and Wednesdays are the most recommended days for your route. These days are considered the best time to buy tickets where the prices are significantly low.

In case, it is an emergency trip, you can call us on our helpline number and we make sure you get some relaxation on ticket prices. Even if it is the last-minute’s ticket booking, with us, you can still hope for some discounts available on your tickets.

Connecting and Direct flight from Beijing to Amsterdam

We help you choose a direct or a connecting flight for your travel from Beijing to Amsterdam. The approximate price for a direct flight is $1056.5* and it is $635.19* for a connecting flight. You can choose whichever suits your budget, time, and ease of travel.

You can call us on our helpline number to get more discounts on your ticket booking. We have a team of travel experts, who with their years of earned knowledge can easily devise an affordable travel plan for your given route. We make ticket booking easy and stress-free for you.

Airports for your flight from Beijing to Amsterdam

If your city includes multiple airports, it becomes easy for you to board a flight from whichever is nearer to your location. Therefore, here is a list of commercial airports which are the most suitable for your route.

  1. Beijing Capital International (PEK)
  2. Beijing Nanyuan (NAY)
  3. Amsterdam – Schiphol (AMS)

You can call us and can inquire about which airport is the most suitable to your route, budget, and time. We also help you find information about airline schedules, such as its boarding time, flight number, departure time, and changes in the arrival time.

We provide you cheap flights for domestic as well as international destinations. For your given dates, day, destination, and class of travel, we give you the real-time information for flight booking. We are like your personal travel assistant, who is here to make your travel free from hassles.

Whether it is group travel or a solo trip, do your flight bookings at an affordable price. We serve more than 400 airlines to choose from for your travel. Moreover, cancellation is also easy and free with us. A ticket can be cancelled for free if done within 24 hours of the departure.

Call us on our helpline number to quickly book your tickets. We are available 24×7 for your assistance.

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