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Let’s start by knowing the two destinations more closely.


Famously known as ‘the nest of pirates’, Baltimore has received accolades for its delicious culinary dishes, attractive museums, and hustle and bustle at the Inner Harbor. It is a place where you enjoy art, culture, history, and music altogether.

Baltimore also offers a popular fiesta called Privateer Festival. In this festival, you dress up like a pirate and be a part of the swashbuckling activities. The natives of the city are also friendly which makes city-gazing an enjoyable treat.

The National Aquarium is another reason you must visit Baltimore. It has more than 15,000 creatures and Dolphins. You can engage yourself watching training, feeding, and dancing Dolphins and play along throughout the day.

Punta Cana

Punta Cana is a tropical paradise, where you find beautiful beaches, sun-soaked climate, and plenty of watersports. Stretch-out under the palm trees, relax and soak up the sun rays for a perfect tan. The nightlife and cocktails are another reason to visit the city.

It also offers several golf courses that are designed by professional golfers, making it an ideal place to enjoy golfing holiday with your friends or family. If fishing is your favorite hobby, the sea is filled with big game fishes like Marlin. The city attracts passionate fishing fans every year across the world.

Enjoy marine life with colorful corals, fearsome sharks, and docile rays all around the sea. Choose to Snorkel with sharks if you want to witness a real adventure. Also, you can swim with nurse sharks in Punta Cana which are considered as the gentlest animal there in the sea.

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General information about your flight from Baltimore to Punta Cana

Origin Airport: Baltimore–Washington International Airport

Destination Airport: Punta Cana International Airport

Flight Price: Ranges from $504 to $1,055* per person

Distance: 1,508 miles

Total number of seats: 423 seats

Number of flights: 370 flights per month and 88 flights per week

Direct flights: 8 direct flights

Flight Duration: 3 hours 55 minutes

Best time to fly: January (ticket prices are expected to increase and decrease by 2%)

Airlines to choose from: American Airlines, JetBlue, Southwest Airlines, Delta Airlines, Spirit Airlines, and Air Canada

Connecting City: Chicago, IL

Percentage of flight to get delayed: 12 minutes is normal

Book tickets for your flight with us

We work with more than 400 airline partners to bring you the best deal available for your route. You can call us on our reservation phone number to do bookings for your flight from Baltimore to Punta Cana. We let you know about which airline and airfare suit your budget and travel needs.

After you give us confirmation, we do the booking on your behalf. To complete the reservation process, we would require your Credit Card details along with the registered phone number. You can also choose to do the payment through our payment gateway. We safeguard all the information that you share for your ticket booking.

When is a good time to book tickets for a flight from Baltimore to Punta Cana?

The popular time when most of the passengers travel from Baltimore to Punta is during the month of December. So, if you want to save more on your ticket booking, try not to do your reservation in December.

However, our travel experts have analyzed and found that the best days to beat the crowd is in the month of January. You can save 20-40% on your travel bookings. Moreover, we have also found that Wednesday, Saturdays, and Tuesday are often the best days to book your flight from Baltimore to Punta Cana.

What are the factors that can increase your ticket prices?

Although we try to make sure that you save significantly on your travel booking, there are certain factors that may increase your ticket prices.

  1. You are not a member of a frequent flyer program of the airline
  2. Have not enrolled for airline-affiliated Credit Card services
  3. Missed booking your in-flight services at the time of ticket booking
  4. If you book your tickets at the last minute
  5. If you book your tickets on peak season, date, day, and timings

Other than these factors, your choice for the class of travel can also increase your ticket prices for your flight from Baltimore to Punta Cana.

Airline ticket prices change every day. It is important to stay in constant touch with the travel experts like us to be notified for low-cost availability for your route. Just call us on our helpline number and inquire about the seat availability.

Connecting vs. Direct flight from Baltimore to Punta Cana

The airfare becomes cheaper when you choose to fly with a connecting flight. A multi-stop flight may compromise on the luxury but at the same time, it is economical as compared to direct flights. You can save more than 20% on your ticket booking.

Here are the prices for a connecting as well as a direct flight from Baltimore to Punta Cana.

  1. The average price for a connecting flight is $ 504.14*
  2. The calculated price for a direct flight can be known by calling us on our helpline number. The direct flight prices fluctuate too often as compared to a multi-stop flight.

Round trip vs. one-way flights flight from Baltimore to Punta Cana

You can choose your reservation to be a round trip or a one-way flight by calling us on our helpline number. There is not a huge difference between the price for a round trip and one-way flight. All you get is a benefit of booking a one-way ticket in case you are not sure about the returning date from the destination.

Booking a one-way flight from Baltimore to Punta Cana is useful especially for the business personnel. Unlike the other platforms, we give you a convenience to pick your choice of travel and availing the latest discounts.

  1. The average price of a one-way trip for a flight from Baltimore to Punta Cana is $239.09*
  2. The calculated price of a round-trip a flight to Punta Cana is $484.34*

Airport to choose for your flight

Here are the major airports that you must know about for your route Baltimore to Punta Cana.

  1. Baltimore–Washington International Airport (BWI)
  2. Punta Cana International (PUJ)

To save more on your travel bookings, choose to book your tickets at least two weeks before the departure. Moreover, the morning departure is 18% more expensive than the evening flights. Saturday is the most expensive day to board your flight from Baltimore to Punta Cana. On the other hand, Thursday is cheaper to travel.

Southwest Airlines is the popular airline for this route. This airline is 99% on time when it comes to departure and arrival. So, if you are thinking of booking your tickets with Southwest Airlines, call on our helpline number.

If you choose to stay in close contact with us for your ticket booking, we are available at your service 24×7. With us, you always stay informed about all the latest and the updated information about your flight.

Call us now to book your flight! You can reach us even at the oddest hour of a day/night. We will happily assist you with your travel concerns.

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