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Let’s have a look at both the destinations and the famous tourist spots to visit.


Popular for its culinary dishes, art, and culture, Baltimore is one of the most visited tourist destinations. Famously known as ‘Nest of Pirates’, it offers fun-filled events, festivals, and live music concerts to enjoy with your loved ones.

Holidays in Baltimore is memorable. Explore the art exhibitions, winter festivals, Pandora Ice Rink, and Inner Harbor- the focal point of the city. It is surrounded by outstanding museums and Walter Art Gallery standout from the rest.

Moreover, the city also has farm-to-table restaurants, with a traditional flavor and ingredients. Whether you plan your trip with your family or with your beau, the city promises to make your visit worth the money, effort, and time spent.

Montego Bay

If fun and tropical are your choices of vacation, Montego Bay is your destination. Montego Bay or MoBay is a famous ship cruise port and a hot spot for value-seeking tourists. Historic plantations, lush countryside, tropical gardens, and sun-soaked beaches, the city offers plenty of reasons to make your travel a memorable one.

Accommodation options are in abundance in MoBay. You can choose from large luxurious hotels to small accommodation that suits your budget and interests of your stay. You can also find cheaper guest rooms for your stay.

Enjoy festivals, concerts, and events with your loved ones. Plan your trip to MonBay. Book your flight from Baltimore to Montego Bay now. Call us on our reservation phone number and inquire about the ticket bookings.

General information about flight from Baltimore to Montego Bay

  1. Origin Airport: Baltimore–Washington International Airport
  2. Destination Airport: Sir Donald Sangster International Airport
  3. Flight Price: $263* per person
  4. Distance: 1,043 miles
  5. Direct flights: 45 direct flights available; 98 flights per week
  6. Flight Duration: 2 hours 15 minutes
  7. Best time to fly: October (ticket charges are expected to rise up by 5% and go down by 2%)
  8. Airlines to choose from: United Airlines, American Airlines, Air Canada, JetBlue Airways, Delta Airlines, and Spirit Airlines
  9. Connecting City: Chicago, IL
  10. Popular airline for this route: Spirit Airlines; 85% nonstop flight from Baltimore to Montego Bay with on-time departures
  11. Percentage of flight to get delayed: 1 hour

How to save on ticket bookings for your flight to Montego Bay?

It may interest you to know that the average time a passenger spends in Montego Bay is six days. The most favorable time to visit Montego Bay is in the month of October. The ticket prices are comparatively low.

December is the most popular month in which the city receives crowds of tourist. Naturally, the ticket prices are high and so, if you try to do bookings in this peak seasons, your chances of getting any discount are slim.

In addition, if it becomes inevitable to do bookings in the peak season, you can call us on our helpline number. Even if it is a high season, we make sure you save some bucks on your ticket booking.

With ticket booking, it is important to know that the prices are 34% cheaper in the morning as compared to evening flights. So, try booking flight from Baltimore to Montego Bay at the wee hour. To save maximum on your tickets, plan your travel in advance and book tickets at least one week before the departure.

Connecting vs. Direct flight to Montego Bay

We all know connecting flights from Baltimore to Montego Bay are cheaper as compared to the nonstop or direct flights. Of course, the connecting flights may compromise on your luxury but it is bearable owing to the cheap fare it offers.

You can save 20-40% when you choose to fly multi-stop than a nonstop flight. Here, you can compare the price of both kinds of flights and can book whichever suits your budget.

  1. The estimated price for a connecting flight is $300.22*
  2. The approximate airfare for a nonstop flight is $381.97*

One-way vs. round-trip flights to Montego Bay

There is not a huge price difference between a one-way trip and roundtrip prices. The only convenience you get is flexibility. You get the ease of choosing either or both options for your travel- one-way or round trip.

On certain platforms where you may have booked tickets once, it might be mandatory to book a roundtrip with them to avail the discounts or coupon codes. But, here, this is not the case. At your leisure and as your schedule allows, choose one-way trip or round trip flights from Baltimore to Montego Bay.

  1. The price of a one-way trip might cost you like $177*
  2. For a complete package round trip, you have to pay nearly $366.44 *

It is important to note that the distance of flights from Baltimore to Montego Bay is more than 14,000 miles. And, to make keep yourself entertained, update your mp3 player and video player with the latest collection. This way you are not bored on the flight and you also save money on in-flight services.

Airports to choose for boarding flights from Baltimore to Montego Bay

If you know about all the commercial airports that serve your route, you get to choose the one that is nearest to your location. So, here are the airports you can consider for your flights from Baltimore to Montego Bay.

  1. Baltimore – Washington (BWI)
  2. Montego Bay Sangster International (MBJ)

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