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Let’s have a look at the two destinations and know why they are the popular tourist destinations.


An important seaport, the inner harbor is the focal point of the city. The city is surrounded by award-winning museums, restaurants, shops, and promenade. There are several historic ships that are open for the tourists to visit. The art and culture, music and nightlife, are the most spectacular things not to miss on your trip.

Take your kids to Maryland’s American-African history museums. Choose Oriole Park to celebrate your occasion. Enjoy live music concerts with your beau. Baltimore is ‘plentiful’ of exciting activities that you can enjoy with your loved ones.

Las Vegas

Home to some of the best casinos and luxurious hotels, Las Vegas is for young-at-heart enthusiasts. Whether you choose to spend time adoring nature at botanical gardens or choose to enjoy the famous nightlife, you are going to have a memorable time spent in the city of attractions.

All the sun-seekers and food lovers, this is the place to experience the best of both. With incredible shopping malls, art museums, and sculptures, it has earned a reputation for being a creative center for fun and leisure.

For families, the city offers an amazing experience at the Neon Museum and Mob Museum. These places often warrant a repeat visit. With respect to your age and motive of visit, the city offers plenty of reasons to plan your trip this time in Las Vegas.

It is important to note that your flight from Baltimore to Las Vegas will take 20 minutes to cover a distance of 2,106 miles. So, keep your mp3 players and mobile gadgets organized to keep you entertained during the flight.

Important information for your flight from Baltimore to Las Vegas

  1. Origin Airport: Baltimore–Washington International Airport
  2. Destination Airport: McCarran International Airport
  3. Flight Price: $165* per person
  4. Distance: 2,100 miles
  5. Direct flights: 30 direct flights available; 18 flights per week
  6. Flight Duration: 5 hours 15 minutes
  7. Best time to fly: January (ticket charges are likely to increase by 12% and decrease by 2%)
  8. Airlines to choose from: Southwest Airlines, Alaska Airlines, Spirit Airlines, American Airlines, United Airlines, and JetBlue Airways
  9. Connecting City: Los Angeles, CA
  10. Number of seats available: 382 to Las Vegas per day
  11. Popular airline for this route: Southwest and Spirit Airlines; provides 33% nonstop flights flight from Baltimore to Las Vegas
  12. Percentage of flight to get delayed: 15 minutes are common

In addition, it will be very useful if you know about the best day and month to board a flight from Baltimore to Las Vegas. The most popular time to fly to Las Vegas is in the month of July, June, and August. And, if you want to save money on your travel, try booking your tickets in the month of January.

In case you want to save more on your ticket booking, call us on our helpline number. We can provide you various economical ticket booking options for your flight from Baltimore to Las Vegas, We ensure that you get the best available price for your ticket reservation.

We have representatives of all major airlines to provide you with the latest and real-time information about your flight from Baltimore to Las Vegas and We have collected data from all major airlines and have found Wednesday, Tuesday, and Saturdays are often the best days to travel to Las Vegas.

How far should you book your tickets for a flight from Baltimore to Las Vegas?

You can book your tickets from 7 days to 90 days in advance. There is a huge price difference in connecting nonstop flights. If your booking date is closer to your travel date, the prices will be high. In such cases, it will become difficult for you to find the cheapest airfare for your travel.

However, in case it is urgent for you and you cannot avoid the last minute ticket booking, you can give us a call on the reservation phone number. Even if it is a last-minute ticket booking, we make sure you always save something on your flight from Baltimore to Las Vegas.

Connecting vs. Direct flight from Baltimore to Las Vegas

Although connecting flights from Baltimore to Las Vegas are cheaper, they sacrifice some convenience of traveling. But, when you compare the prices of connecting vs. direct flights, a certain level of inconvenience is totally worth it. You save 20-60% on airfare if you choose to fly via a multi-stop flight than a direct flight.

  1. The estimated price for a flight from Baltimore to Las Vegas is $154*
  2. If you choose direct flight, it can cost you approximately $ 275.33*

One Way vs. Round-trip flight from Baltimore to Las Vegas

There is no huge price difference between a One-way and a Roundtrip flight. All you get is flexibility to buy the tickets if you want to travel one way from Baltimore to Las Vegas. In case you want to book a roundtrip flight, the process is simple and quick.

Here are the prices for one-way and roundtrip flight from Baltimore to Las Vegas

  1. The average price for a one-way flight is $142.3*
  2. For a roundtrip flight, the price is $ 281.56*

Airports to board your flight from Baltimore to Las Vegas

  1. McCarran International Airport (LAS)
  2. Baltimore–Washington International Airport (BWI)
  3. Las Vegas Boulder City Municipal (BLD)

How to ensure cheaper bookings for your flight from Baltimore to Las Vegas?

You can follow the below mentioned tips to make sure that you book your tickets at a best available price.

  1. Book tickets not too early or too late; you may miss on discounts
  2. Call us and book your tickets at least 3 days in advance
  3. Choose red-eye flight for your travel
  4. Enroll for the airline-affiliated credit card service
  5. Signup for frequent flyer program of the airline
  6. Choose to fly by a no-frills airline like Spirit Airlines
  7. Book your in-flight meal, entertainment, beverages, etc., in advance
  8. Inquire if the airline charges for checked bags in advance
  9. Avoid traveling during the popular and festive seasons
  10. Choose to fly during the wee hours

In case it is unavoidable for you to travel during the festive and holiday season, don’t hesitate and call us quickly on our reservation number. For your flight from Baltimore to Las Vegas, we will try to do the ticket booking at the best available price.

Note that the ticket prices are subject to change. They may increase or decrease to a significant level depending on your date, day, and time of travel. Moreover, your class of travel also play a major role in changing the ticket prices from low to high.

Do your ticket reservation at an economical price. Call us to book your tickets with us. Get discounts, offers, and coupon codes on your ticket booking. We are available 24×7. You get up to 30% discount on each reservation.

Note: We follow a secure payment gateway to complete the ticket reservation process. All the information your share remain safe with us.

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