Feng Shui Travel Guide 2019: Best places to travel based on your Chinese Zodiac


2019 is the year of the lovable Pig. Some common qualities of people born in the year of the Pig are that they are, passionate, committed, sociable, well-natured and full of zest.

Every year consult Feng Shui Master to tell people the best places to wander for an auspicious trip. He tells about the cities and the compass directions that are associated with good fortune this year.

So, in hope for an auspicious journey in 2019, we present to you some tips based on Flying Star Feng Shui to ensure you some happy travel memories with your loved ones.


  • Where to travel for good luck

While in the western Zodiac Calendar, it is according to your birth month but with the Chinese calendar, the Zodiac sign is calculated according to the year of birth and after a cycle of every twelve years.


So, here are some handy travel tips for every Zodiac sign


  1. Pig (For people born in the year: 1947, 1959, 1971, 1983, 1995, 2007, 2019)

For the longer projects that you have long kept on wait, it is time that you put your mind to them, you will see success. This will be true in case of the romance department as well.

Be careful with your social catch ups and also your increasing waistline. Overall, a year of incredible opportunities awaits.

  • Places that you need to visit in 2019

You can explore the Cebu in the Philippines, lay by the beach and enjoy the fruits of your hard work.

Cebu is also known for its tropical fruits like the fresh mangoes which come straight from the farms.

Budapest, Hungary is another gem of a destination that you cannot afford to miss out on. This country is teeming with handsome European people, who knows, you might find your own Mr. or Mrs. right! The country is also thronged with renowned mineral baths, these traditional mineral baths are enjoyable to this day.


  1. Rat (For people born in the year: 1948, 1960, 1972, 1984, 1996, 2008)

There are numerous good opportunities that await you this year. Do not wait to seize them, it is time you demonstrate your initiative.

Take a vacation and if you spot a health concern, do not forget to address it. You should be cautious in money matters as well.

Romance prospects are also quite positive.


  • Where to go in 2019

Argentina is one country that you cannot afford to miss out visiting! Although known for its football culture, it has many other things to offer.

It is also known for its delicious cuisine, which has drawn its influences from the Mediterranean and indigenous styles. Do not forget to taste the Dulce de leche “milk jam”, this is one thing worth bringing home to!

One thing that comes to mind when someone mention St. Petersburg is castles. Yes, this place is teeming with some grand, worth-visiting castles and some other historic attractions to add to it, like the museums and big town squares. This town has also played a host to the 2018 FIFA World Cup, so you can also visit the place where the greats have played.


  1. Ox (For people born in the year: 1949, 1961, 1973, 1985, 1997, 2009)

For an ox or a cow, it is time you bring some attention back to yourself. You should strive to have a perfect balance.

This year is your time to relax, meet new people and expand your social network, and after you are done with all of it, give yourself a holiday break by the end of the year.

Your romantic life will improve, either you will find someone or your relationship with your special someone will thrive.

Your earnings will increase and so will your expenses, so make sure you strike a perfect financial balance.

Make sure to give priority to your health and try to opt for healthy eating choices as much as possible.


  • Where to go in 2019

Gear up for a trip to Arizona, USA and witness the Grand Canyon through your own eyes. You will also get a chance to get a first-hand experience of the Native American traditions and cultures. To get your adrenaline pumping, visit the Colorado-River to enjoy white-water rafting and various other outdoor adventures.

Morocco is home to a variety of ancient Roman ruins like the Roman site Volubilis. These sites represent the triumphant architectures and the relics of the basilica.

Also, if you are a vegan, fret not, you will find plenty of eateries that sell good-quality vegetarian food. Do not forget to try Tagine, you will thank me later!


  1. Tiger (For people born in the year: 1950, 1962, 1974, 1986, 1998, 2010)

It is time you turn on your limitless energy and channelize it to follow up the task in hand. In regard to your financial expenses, try to be a little more prudent, with some more focus, you might be able to strike your best possible travel deal.

To get more offers and to strike your best bargain, in terms of flight ticket bookings contact the Airlines Customer Service Number.

  • Places to go in 2019

Tianjin China is your next big city outside Shanghai which is thronged with a variety of European style buildings. You can make a visit to the shopping districts of the Binjiang and Guwnehua, which sport a mesmerizing amalgamation of Qing Dynasty architectures.

Bolivia is a place where you can take a local tour and visit the ancient Incan ruins of the civilizations. This is similar to that of the Inca trail in Peru. And, since Bolivia was once a Spanish colony, see that you can identify with the food, languages, and culture which draws its influences from the Spanish culture.


  1. Rabbit (For people born in the year: 1951, 1963, 1975, 1987, 1999, 2011)

This year Rabbits will be hopping with ecstasy and joy as this is the year of opportunities and good luck. Your luck will flourish in the romance department as well.

Give yourself some time to explore new destinations. Although financials are quite bright in this year, but do not get carried away and keep a watch over it.

A comfortable year will be awaiting your arrival.


  • Where to go in 2019

Costa Rica is known for its large variety of flora and fauna, you will find plenty of eco-lodges where you can book your stay at. If you are a coffee fan, Costa Rica will not leave you disappointed as it is home to some of the top-quality coffee beans in the world. Once you visit Costa Rica you will realize why it is rated so highly by coffee fans.

Borneo is the place to be if you want to stay connected with nature and enjoy its beauty. It is one of the few destinations in the world, where people are still connected to indigenous tribal culture and tradition.


  1. Dragon (For people born in the year: 1952, 1964, 1976, 1988, 2000, 2012)

This year of Pig brings a world of opportunity to Dragons this year. Dragons will get a good taste of success and there will be no dearth of financial rewards as well.

In the case of travel, you can consider both foreign and local options. Engage deeply in local experiences and activities and be sure to step up your exercise regime.


  • Places to go in 2019

Find time to visit Panama in Central America, this place will attract the history hippies from all over the world, as the Panama stories will take you back to the 16th century. Also, you will find some exciting hiking trails, and foodies will get a chance to taste the freshest of seafood to treat their taste buds.

If you are a fan of Panchiko machines, there is no better place than Nagoya, Japan. The Toyota Museum is a must visit as well.


  1. Snake (For people born in the year: 1953, 1965, 1977, 1989, 2001, 2013)

This year, Snakes will have a devious path to traverse in case of finances. So, be open to taking outside help, whenever needed, and be ready to polish your core competencies.

Try new things. Your social circle is bound to expand, if you improve on your communication traits.


  • Where to travel in 2019

San Francisco in California, USA, is home to Fisherman’s Dock. So, slither your way to the colorful scenes of San Fran and get lost in its beauty and grandeur. Also, do not miss out on the fish and chips.

An African nation that you cannot afford to miss visiting on, is Senegal. This place is teeming with dozens of French influences. Here you will witness one of the rarest phenomena in the world, like the pink colored water of Lake Retba.


  1. Horse (For people born in the year: 1954, 1966, 1978, 1990, 2002, 2014)

For Horses, it is important that they strike the right balance between your things of interest. You can give a go to a self-transformation session in which you will get an opportunity to cultivate new interests and indulge in fun activities.

There is a great chance that your romance and relationships will improve. You must take out some time for destinations that you have not traversed in the past. This year will provide a great chance for you to relax and unwind. You will see improvements at the financial front as well.


  • Places to go in 2019

San Salvador is a major Central American country, it produces food and natural resources abundantly. It is your perfect gram-worthy destination.

The Dong Xuan market in Hanoi, Vietnam is a place where you can experience local lifestyle and delectable food, with a mix of French flavor, as Hanoi was a French Colony at one point in time.


  1. Goat (For people born in the year: 1955, 1967, 1979, 1991, 2003, 2015)

This year, as it progresses, is bound to bring good fortune for Goat and Sheep babies. Goat babies will get success in romance and finance department as well.

You need to take right actions and success shall be yours.


  • Where to travel in 2019

With the country recovering from economic crises, there is no better time to go to Athens than this. Firstly, to support the country, through tourism and secondly, to avail the bargains that are on offer these days.

Melbourne, Australia is also a prime destination and offers many exciting options and opportunities for visitors. The city is thronged with beautiful vineyards that offer top-quality wines, sidewalk cafes, a large number of shopping malls and fashion centers.

  1. Monkey (For people born in the year: 1956, 1968, 1980, 1992, 2004, 2016)

In 2019, Monkeys will need to be a little more cautious, health-wise and in financial matters. Although, romantic life may flourish, this year.


  • Places to go in 2019

Utah is the place to be if you are the one that loves to explore nature. This place is teeming with choices for outdoor sports, like skiing, historical trails and has plenty of monuments and golf recreation localities as well.

Hangzhou, China is thronged with a large number of art and literary communities. The city gets good revenue from its tea and silk businesses and has the per capita income, for a city in China.


  1. Rooster (For people born in the year: 1945, 1957, 1969, 1981, 1993, 2005, 2017)

Be ready to take actions and initiatives that will lead to positive developments in terms of romantic and health department. You need to balance your finances and manage for the risks. If you are planning to go on a holiday, do not think much. You will come back rejuvenated and unwound.

  • Places to travel in 2019

Kolkata, India, which was formerly a British colony is a place where you will find Victorian influenced buildings, beautiful architecture and cricket sport! It is India’s cultural capital, and literary fans will have a plenty to explore.

Bulgaria is one place where you will find plenty of hidden paths to explore. It is unique blend of iconic churches, nature parks, and beaches.


  1. Dog (For people born in the year: 1946, 1958, 1970, 1982, 1994, 2006, 2018)

For Dogs, this year will be financially rewarding and romantically lucky. It is the year when Dogs should try to improve their communication and if you have postponed travel plans in the past it is time to get on with them.


  • Where to travel in 2019

Yokohama, Japan is one of the most forward-looking countries in the world and has played a great role in making Japan the most advanced player in global economy. Foodies can gobble on to the instant ramen and noodles and history hippies must visit the Cup Noodles Museum, it is surprisingly fun!


So, here you go, this is pretty much all that our Feng Shui master could translate for each of the Zodiac signs, for this year.

So, make sure you book your affordable flight tickets by calling the Airlines Reservation number and make travel plans accordingly.

In hope of an auspicious journey, that will bring some happy memories to your life. We bid adieu!

8 Fascinating Cities in Europe That Won’t Break the Bank


Many of us tend to spend a lot of money on overseas holiday spots that is why many people feel that traveling to the classic holiday spots is the only wise option.

But, now that you have ticked off all the tourist hotspots and capital cities, it is time that you explore the less-traveled, and lesser-known gems that will surprise you in a good way.

Having said that, the times are changing, people are traveling to destinations that are off-the-beaten-track and affordable.

We have compiled a list of top 8 unique and off-the-beaten-path destinations that will not burn a hole in your pocket and also provide a fulfilling and soul-satisfying experience.


  1. Berlin, Germany

The capital city of Germany is popular among tourists, thanks to the renowned Berlin Wall and many other famous tourist attractions.

Berlin is known for its progressive art scene, thriving nightlife, which brings the city to life. Berlin is also sprinkled with a number of historical buildings, like the Brandenburg Gate, the Reichstag and many more ancient historical sites that have kept the flame of Berlin’s history, burning and drawn many tourists towards it.

Berlin does not disappoint when it comes to food as well. You can find a lot of varieties of non-vegetarian and vegetarian foods in the streets. So, you will not have any trouble in giving a feast to your taste buds.

  1. Tallinn, Estonia

Tallinn, the capital of Estonia is not your typical European capital that is flooded with tourists, during the warm summer months of the year.

Having said that it is very much possible that will change in the future, thanks to the remarkable scene of the city. The city dons a spectacular juxtaposition of the Medieval Gothic architecture and the contemporary scene of an urban neighborhood.

The city seems like something straight of a dream. The pristine shoreline, the vivid food scene and the streets bursting with new-age culture, giv plenty of options to explore the city and delve deep into its surroundings.


  1. Porto, Portugal

If you are planning on a budget trip to Portugal, Porto will probably top your list.  The alleys, ornamented with the graffiti art, the picture-perfect vistas, and an endless supply of port wine are all very easy to get used to. The city also sports a compelling sunset scene.

Porto serves lip-smacking vegetarian cuisines, so you will not have to fret for finding meat-free options in the streets.


  1. Prague, Czech Republic

The Prague castle of the 14th century, the remarkable buildings portraying ornate architecture, the Charles Bridge, the inexpensive accommodation, breweries selling the best beer and on-foot survey explorations all make for an amazing place to visit.

In the Old Town Square, the old-fashioned bars and the fascinating chapels will keep your wanderlust satiated.

You will find all this and much more at reasonable prices.


  1. Budapest, Hungary

The capital of Hungary on the banks of Danube River, is one of the largest European cities in the world, thronged with an amalgamation of contemporary and medieval architecture.

The city enjoys a rich history, sprinkled with the struggle and violence that is replicated in the cenotaphs like ‘Shoes on the Danube Bank’.

The historical architecture of the city provides magnificent places to walk around and enjoy the truly Hungarian experience. The city is thronged with numerous budget destinations and the accessibility of affordable Hotels and public transport make this city a favorite for budget travelers.

The city is well connected with flights, so if you are thinking of booking your flight tickets to Budapest, just contact the Airlines Customer Service and get to know the best price to book your flight tickets.


  1. Zagreb, Croatia

This Croatian capital is pretty much like your typical European capital city, with cobblestoned streets and splendid medieval architecture.

The bustling streets of the city, nature-loving residents, roadside cafes, the galleries showing magnificent art has made it worth-discovering. Talking of uniqueness, do not forget to make a visit to the ‘Museum of Broken Relationships’.

Also, the city boasts of having a really good accessibility, so you will not have to worry about, boarding the right flight.

  1. Slovenia

Slovenia is the only unique country in the world, which has ‘LOVE’ in its name. Ljubljana, the capital city of Slovenia is touted to be the greenest and cleanest capital in the whole continent.

The country is thronged with thousands of karst caves and features the 18th-century architecture including fortresses and chapels in their truest form. Thanks to the less amount of motor vehicles, the city is a perfect place to embrace nature.

Also, when looking for an affordable holiday destination in Europe, there is no better place than Slovenia. Its reputation for low prices is well-deserved.

Walking and Cycling are the two most prominent modes of transportation. You will also be able to satiate your appetite of being closer to nature. Witness the stunning lakes, breathtaking views, gorges, and mountains.


  1. Athens, Greece

There are not too many cities in the world that come close to Athens when it comes to historical importance. Athens has been given many names like the center of philosophy, the cradle of democracy, and it has lived up to all these names!

While Acropolis and Agora are some of the historical sites that you can never dare to miss out on, contemporary Athens has a lot to offer the holidaymakers too.

After spending a long day, witnessing the ancient ruins of the city, it is time that you delve into markets, like Monastiraki, hop between the walkways in Metaxourgeio, window shop at the boutiques in Kolonaki and dine at the restaurants serving healthy Greek cuisines.

There are so many magnificent places to sunbathe as well, like the Glyfada resort and once you add the vivid nightlife into the mix, you will guarantee yourself a holiday that is dynamic, captivating and hard to resist.


So, here you go, these are the top 8 up and coming destinations that you must-visit.

And thanks to the ease of access and affordability in terms accommodation, you will get a proper opportunity to unwind without burning a hole into your pocket.

So, without further ado, book your affordable flight tickets by calling the Airlines Reservation Phone Number and explore the world in the way you always wanted to!

Best Things to do in Hanoi and Vietnam


Vietnam is a country beaming with energy, it is a place where past and present come together and new experiences await in every nook and corner.

In the capital city, Hanoi, you will find spectacular museums, get to experience various cultural events and get many reminders of the political realities. The food, art, and history hippies will not leave disappointed as well.

Hanoi and many other cities in Vietnam will leave you overwhelmed with choices. So, read on and find the best things that you can do, in this part of the world.


  • Things you should know before you visit Hanoi

Hanoi is called the city of chaos and this chaos is what attracts the crowds. If you happen to go there make sure you soak in, all that the city has to offer.

Spend a few days in the outskirts to enjoy the local life.

Engage in shopping but be sure that you barter down the price of things that you buy. As you might be aware of the overpriced items that are sold in these markets.


  • Things to do in Hanoi

Hanoi is a 1000-year-old city. It is famous among travelers for its ancient citadels, Buddhist temples, unique theatre, shopping markets, and mesmerizing wilderness.

Wander around the Hanoi Old Quarter and gobble onto the lip-smacking flavors of the local food, like Cao Lau noodle and My Quang.

The city has many must-see destinations like Sapa, Ha Long Bay, Hoa Lo prison (Temple of Literature) and many more.

Hanoi is a great place for morning walks and day trips, you can stroll around the old quarter, cycle around Westlake, visit communal buildings and ancient houses, and visit ancient Buddhist temples. Simply put, it has got it all, to keep you entertained.


  • Best Coffee Shops in Hanoi

Some of the best coffee shops in Hanoi are Cong café, Xofa café, Co Ngu café, Giang café, Dinh café and many more.


  • Best food in Hanoi

Some of the best dishes and cuisines that are found in Hanoi are: Pho Bo (Beef Noodle Soup), Bun Cha (Noodle and Grilled Pork), Mien xao luon (Deep-Fried Eel with Glass Noodles), Nem Cuon (Spring Rolls), Banh Goi (Fried Dumpling), Xoi xeo and a lot more mouth-watering delights.


  • Things to do in Halong city, Vietnam

Climb to the Bai Tho Mountain and witness a beautiful scene that this city has to offer.

You can visit, Qualan Island, Coto Island, Cat Ba Island, visit Yentu Pagoda and Baichay beach, where you can enjoy BBQ and swimming. Make a visit to the Sun World Halong Complex.

There are a lot of coffee shops like the Oldtown Café, Cong Caphe, and Ha Long, Rooftop café Halong and Miam bread and café. Besides this, there are many restaurants, where you can grab, good-quality grub, you will also find good-quality seafood in the streets.

Some interesting dishes that you cannot afford to miss out on, includes frog hotpot, oyster, seafood noodles, horseshoe crab, grilled squib, octopus soup and many more.


  • Things to keep in mind, before you go to Da Nang, Vietnam

Da Nang is known for providing good-quality accommodations, which are centrally located and not too far away from the must-visit spots.

So, book your stay at the Moc Mien Hostel, it is just a 5-minute stroll from the Cham Museum and the Dragon Bridge. Go to the Moc Mein coffee and the highlands to grab onto some high-quality food and beverages. Do not miss out on the local flavors of My Quang, Banh Canh, and Pho.


  • Things to do, when you go to Dalat

Dalat is a gem of a city, and there is no dearth of activities you can do here and places you can visit. You can go for a walk, or go try cycling at the long bien beach, swim in the Red River by Vinh Tuy Bridge, take a walk at the under the long bien bridge.

In the outskirts of the country, you can enjoy the railway coffee, try Trung Vit Lon, and watch the night ceremony at the Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum.

There are a lot of coffee shops as well, like the Nola Coffee in Ma May, Loading T coffee shop in Chan Cam. There are some mouthwatering cuisines as well, which you should surely give a try, like Banh Gio, Chan ga nuong, Xoi lap xuong, banh cuon, Sup luon and Mysohappy (My Xao).


  • Things to keep in mind, when you visit Phu Quoc

The Phu Quoc Island is at the top of the bucket list of nature lovers. This island features the best environment in all of Vietnam, with the sea, the rivers, and the mountains.

You will also be served good-quality seafood while you soak in the sunlight.

Shop at the amazing markets. But keep one thing in mind, you must bargain the price of the products you buy from the markets, especially if you are traveling with a big group, as you are likely to spend more time in the markets rather than relaxing when you travel with a tour group.


  • Things to do in Ho Chi Minh City

There are a lot of markets in Ho Chi Minh City than the renowned Ben Thant Market, you will find a lot of items to take as souvenirs in the inexpensive local markets.

For coffee, make sure that you visit, Thi coffee, Era coffee, the coffee house, the Nomad, the Cong café and the Mocking Bird.

For food, do not miss out on the Thit nuong, Soup cua, Bo la lot, Hot vit lon and Pho.


Here you go, these are some of the best things that you can do in Vietnam and Hanoi, some are mentioned in this blog, but there are many that you will get to experience and enjoy, once you get there.

So, without further ado, book your tickets today, by calling the Airlines Customer Service and get ready to head to your much-awaited trip to Vietnam.

Sydney VS Melbourne: Which City Will You Prefer to Travel to?


A first- time traveler to Australia is always posed with a big question of where to go: Melbourne or Sydney? Both these cities are iconic, how to choose one over the other? Both these cities cater to a different kind of traveler with a completely different look, energy, and vibe.

Both the cities have their own strengths and weaknesses, and it all will eventually depend on you and on what you prefer, from city sights to cultural experience?

On whether you like to immerse into nature or prefer a city break? Whether you are here to witness Australia’s history or you are going there to gain some brownie points on your Instagram account? In the end, it will all come down to your personal choice.

But, do not fret already, here we have broken down the best to see and experience in both the cities so that you can easily decide, which city is the best fit for you:

• Things to do

Sydney: 8.5/10

The uniqueness of Sydney lies in the variety of things that it has on offer. The city offers a range of beautiful art galleries and museums to choose from. The brilliant geographical location and welcoming weather conditions open up a range of opportunities that are not available in Melbourne.

Picturesque locations like the Taronga Zoo, Sydney Aquarium, and Madame Tussauds are easily accessible from the CBD and you can soak in the sights of the city from the top of the Harbour bridge or climb your way up to the Sydney Tower.

With so many things to see, it may get to a point where you will not feel touristy. So hop on a ferry or a bus and spend the day at any of the beaches in the city to relax and unwind.

Melbourne: 6.5/10

People usually visit Melbourne for three main reasons: To shop, to eat, or to witness some specific musical event, art show or sports game.

Melbourne features an Aquarium and a Zoo, but they are a lot smaller than Sydney’s. The Eureka tower bids a 360-degree view of the city’s amazing skyline, but not as beautiful views as compared to Sydney’s.

The Botanical Gardens are gorgeous to explore, but they do not look out over a harbor. In terms of outdoor fun, Sydney is miles ahead of Melbourne.

Winner: It largely depends on what your priorities are, but Sydney is way better than Melbourne in terms of things to do and experience.

• Food

Sydney: 6.5/10

Sydney boasts of amazing sights and glamour when it comes to things to do but the city is very snobby when it comes to the food scene. Middle-tiered restaurants, (ones that offer good-quality, affordable food) are hard to come by, you will need to ask local experts who have decent insider knowledge about local food to locate such a restaurant.
So, if you go out, looking for a decent place to get the best grub you might end up disappointed. The CBD is one decent place where you can savor some authentic Asian cuisine, but if you are looking for some diverse offerings, you might have to hop on a train to the Inner West.

If you are a foodie, anytime between the end of September and early October is the best time to visit. It is the time when the International Food festival Kicks in and you will see loads of offerings available in the city’s Hyde Park.

Melbourne: 9/10

A good quality middle-tiered restaurant is not very difficult to find in Melbourne’s CBD. The city is teeming with a range of hole-in-the-wall style restaurants and coffee shops which you can easily duck into to get some energy to sustain! The Chinatown is packed with a variety of quality restaurants and bars as well.
If you are looking to grab a good quality grub while you also save some money, head to the Queen Victoria market in the city’s North which hold some summer and winter markets annually.

In the winter months, you can warm yourself against the cold with pizza, mulled wine or hot cider. During the summer, you can enjoy a burger or a dozen oysters coupled with chilled beer while you soak in the Sun.
One thing that both the cities are proud of is Brunch. Melbournians even go so far as to claim that they serve the best quality coffee in the world. So, do not forget to check that out for yourself!

Winner: While both cities offer a much sought-after food culture, but Melbourne is the clear winner when it comes to accessibility for travelers.

• Culture

Sydney: 7/10

Sydney is very sound culturally. It has all you expect of a city of its stature and size. It has theaters, museums, art galleries and the Opera House.

Although, in terms of culture, Sydney plays second fiddle to Melbourne, most of the times. Art, music, and fashion are a part of an everyday lifestyle of the Melbournians while the Sydney folks have other priorities like staying fit, to be beach ready at all times.

Melbourne: 10/10

Melbourne is renowned as the “cultural capital” of Australia and is very proud of wearing this tag.
The city boasts of a desirable music and art scene. Whenever there is a new show, play or musical coming to Australia, Melbourne usually has the first dib at running it.

The city features plenty of top-class museums and galleries like the National Gallery in Victoria, a marvel from both outside and inside.

You can catch live music concerts at venues within the CBD and the surrounding outskirts like the Collingwood and St. Kilda to name a few.

The city in itself is a breathing piece of art. Pieces of urban art can be found from the passageways of the CBD like the Hosier Lane close to the Flinders Street Station and the beautiful suburban buildings like the Fitzroy and Brunswick.
Winner: Sydney will surely have to tip its hat to Melbourne when it comes to culture and art scene.

• Nightlife

Sydney: 5.5/10

Not too long ago, Sydney used to boast of its nightlife. The tipplers could have a swanky night out at the bars or hang out at the beer gardens in the west. The King Cross used to offer brilliant cocktails, worth savoring on.
But, this kind of nightlife has kind of disappeared due to the late night violence in the city and the newly formed Lockout Laws. This has caused carousers to head elsewhere.

This has pretty much shifted the balance in favor of Melbourne. But having said that, Opera Bar still ranks very high. When you are looking to grab a wine and delve into the beauty of the harbor which is spread out in front of you.

Melbourne: 8/10

Melbourne boasts of a vivid and vibrant nightlife. There is no dearth of boast-worthy bars in Melbourne’s CBD (Central Business Region), a fan of tipples will not leave disappointed.

Also, you will not really have to be inside the city, to enjoy a good nightlife. Some of the towns in the outskirts of the city- Brunswick, Fitzroy and St. Kilda- will offer a lot many places to enjoy a good night out.

The clubs, pubs, and rooftop bars are available at every nook and corner of the city, so all your preferences will be taken care of.

Winner: The decision to pick one out of these two cities, would have been quite difficult, some time ago, but when you talk of the present, Sydney does not even come close to Melbourne in terms of serving best quality nightlife.

• Outdoor living

Sydney: 9/10

Sydney is way better as compared to Melbourne when it comes to the abundance of nature. Sydney is a lot different from London or New York as it is not a concrete nightmare and is more like an urban jungle.
The city is teeming with green spaces like the Royal Botanical Gardens and the Hyde Park and its shoreline is littered with pathways and beaches in which you can navigate on. It is also home to the loveliest harbor in the world.

Melbourne: 5.5/10

Melbourne is a beautiful city, but it lacks that wow factor, which comes from the natural beauty. There are plenty of green spots that are present in this city and the city really looks lovely on a sunny day against the backdrop of a blue sky.

But on a rainy day the city looks altogether a different place, the Yarra River, which looks splendid under the Sun turn into a dirty brown river. The St. Kilda Beach look like a humorless joke in the name of a beach.

Winner: Melbourne comes nowhere near to Sydney when it comes to natural abundance and outdoor living.

• WOW factor

Sydney: 10/10

The city is packed with so many spots worth-witnessing such as the Harbor Bridge, the Sydney Tower, the Opera house, the Bondi Beach, and the Luna Park.

If you ask an Australian local about what they are excited about seeing, they will most likely refer you to these destinations.

Melbourne: 7/10

There is no dearth of worth seeing sights in Melbourne as well. The Flinders Street Station is an amazing specimen of historical architecture and the Yarra River presents a beautiful setting to have a jaunt beside on a sunny summer day.

Melbourne is also called the sporting capital of the country because of the renowned Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG) which remains open to the residents and the visitors.

Do not forget to visit the Royal Botanical Gardens as it offers an insight into the history of the city and an opportunity to soak in the decent view of the city.

Winner: With that being said, Melbourne does not quite hold a candle to Sydney when it comes to must-see sights.

So, here you go, this is pretty much all you need to know, to compare and decide on which of the big two cities (Melbourne and Sydney) will you place your final bet on when planning a trip to Australia. We hope that after coming this far into the blog you would have decided which city better suits your personality.

So, without further ado, book your affordable flight tickets today, by calling the Reservation phone number and plan ahead to your much-awaited holiday to Australia.

Best Hotel Bars in Bangkok to Grab a Delicious Nightcap


Bangkok is a city which does not leave anyone disappointed. It has something for every generation. It has a range of family hotels and if you are a little grown up, there are a number of hotel bars that provide the best choices for to grab a tasty brew.

Here are a few hotel bars in Bangkok where you can crash at the end of a long day.

1. Skybar Rooftop, Lebua State tower

This bar is a classic and has always been at the top of the list of the best bars in Bangkok. This bar has also played host to a number of Hollywood stars and boasts of filming the most renowned bro-mantic film of the decade.
Although, there is a lot more to this watering hole than a little brush of celebdom. Firstly, it is located at the outcropping of the highest rooftop bars in the world. You will savor a lot of delicious beverages like the Hangovertini which is made of apple juice, rosemary honey, Martini Rosso and green tea liquor.

The bar also serves a lot of cocktails-plus-popsicle creations called Poptails. You can enjoy this you soak in the gorgeous views of the Bangkok Skyline.

The whole layout and ambiance of the rooftop restaurant is really beautiful and is quite different from the other claustrophobic rooftop bars. The sprawling real estate contains the beautiful domed Sirocco which has received many accolades and praise from the world’s top leisure websites and magazines.

Finally, if you are up for tipples and not really looking to have dinner, climb one more floor to Distil. It is hotel’s wine and oyster bar which offers plenty of Aged cocktails, sushi and sashimi, Fine de Claire oysters and hand-rolled Cubans.

2. Above Eleven, Fraser Suite Sukhumvit

This bar is a lot different from your classic rooftop bar in Bangkok. It sits 33 floors above the ground and offers a 180-degree picturesque view of Bangkok’s Skyline, featuring some of the great shopping malls in Bangkok.
The internal furnishing features vertical gardens, steel tree-like installations, and soft ambient lighting for chilling on.

The bar is all about relaxation. You can enjoy the Nikkei Cuisine, a Japanese-Peruvian cuisine dating back to 120 years. Sip the signature cocktails featuring Japanese, Peruvian, and New York influences. Some of the drinks that you must not miss out on include Lavendeu cocktail and light Michelada beer.

3. The bamboo bar, Mandarin Oriental Bangkok

The Mandarin Oriental is renowned for its Bamboo Bar and is one of the best hotel bars in Bangkok.
The bar serves cocktails and drinks by award-winning bartenders. You can savor these witnessing the great jazz performers on stage.
Also, the drinks have intriguing and catchy names like the Kiss of Fire, the Road Jack, and Time after Time.

4. Deco bar and Bistro, Siam

The bar stays true to its name as it features remarkable Art Deco-influenced interior design and is instilled with an old Asia vibe.
It is an ideal place for friends to meet up and relax. You will be served with the familiar favorites, like the Negroni and Bloody Mary. You can also choose brews from a broad wine menu from bubbly champagne to Sauvignon Blanc.

5. Cru rooftop Bar and Red Sky Bar, Centara Grand, Centralworld

The Red Sky Bar is located at the 55th level of the Centara Grand hotel, and it serves a range of drinks for everyone to enjoy.

It has got positive reviews and accolades from every patron who has visited here. The bar has the potential to keep you entertained for the whole night, so plan your trip accordingly.
The wine list is classy and extensive. So after you have had your dinner, head to the Cru Rooftop bar on the 59th floor of the hotel and savor the flavors of some exclusive-label champagnes.

6. St. Regis Bar, St. Regis Bangkok

The St. Regis bar is a classic bar and it proves that class is permanent. At this bar, standard bloody Mary was first produced in 1934. The affluence and elegance of the bar are sure to please you.
You can taste wonderful cocktails with a modern twist like the Siam Mary, a mixture of a classic recipe instilled with Wasabi, Thai chili, coriander, lemongrass, and Thai basil.

7. Octave Rooftop Bar & Lounge, Bangkok Marriot Hotel, Sukhumvit

There is no better place than the Octave Bar to enjoy great twilight views in Bangkok at Marriot Hotel. There are no walls at the Octave, to block your view, instead, the bar is outlined with glass barriers.
With the circular bar at the center, you will be served with an unobstructed view of the city’s skyline while tasting the amazing drinks served here.

8. The Bar at the House, W Hotel, Bangkok

It is a fully restored 130-year-old house like bar based in W Hotel Bangkok. You will get to taste a lot of special brews. The place was initially a royal residence before it housed the Russian embassy.

But that is not all that it has, it has some interesting and mouth-watering drinks to offer. Garden, an amalgamation of the chrysanthemum-and-thyme-infused gin, lemon zest, rosemary, and chamomile tea is a must-try. And, if you want to savor some other drink out of the extensive list of wines, you just need to ask the people behind the bar!

There are not many cities in the world that has more bars than Bangkok. So without further ado, book your affordable flight tickets, by calling the Reservation Phone Number and choose your favorite out of the above-mentioned hotel bars, to relax and unwind with your loved ones and soak-in the city’s skyline.

Top 5 Most Romantic Destinations in Australia

Every couple has a different definition for love and romance. For some couples, the idea of having a dinner together in private sounds like a heaven. While for others, the idea of fun is a scenic hike.

Given the diversity of Australia as a country, selecting from the thousands of the romantic location for your love-break can be an overwhelming process. So, if you are in need of a romantic Aussie getaway, here we help you narrow down your selection by taking a detailed look at the top 5 most romantic destinations voted by the visitors.

We guarantee you will experience an unforgettable, yet intimate getaway in Australia. Whether you like an idea of romance served hot (a private dinner on a tropical beach) or cold (cuddling up around the lake Tasmanian), Australia has a wealth of romantic getaways for young-at-heart couples.

So, without much ado, here are some best places you can choose to visit with your beau in Australia.

1. Palm Cove

For those who want to enjoy rainforest environment and warm weather benefits, this is your place. Palm Cove is a unique, quiet, and relaxing destination by the sea. It has the right mix of high-end accommodation, delicious food, beverages, along with a lovely stretch of beach.
Walk hand-in-hand, barefoot, slowly by the unspoiled beach admiring the beauty. Make it more memorable by planning a surprise dinner date near the beach. It is a long, sandy beach, and not too far from the hotels and high-end accommodations.

This means you can take the full advantage of gorgeous beach all day and night without having to rush to get to the hotel. You even visit the beach during the sunrise, the experience is equally pleasant and you will not regret it!

  • Why is it so romantic?

Truly romantic, Palm Cove is a tropical paradise. It has a beautiful stretch of beach, secluded from city noise, and offers total privacy. You relax, enjoy, and make memories, without any interruption. It is perfect for events like birthday, anniversary, wedding, etc.

  • Where is it located?

It is situated in the Tropical North QLD and approximately halfway between Port Douglas and Cairns. By car, it takes 25 minutes from Cairns and almost 30 minutes from Port Douglas. The fare can cost approximately $30 to $100.

  • What is the nearest airport?

Cairns Airport is the nearest airport. It takes 25 minutes journey to the north from the airport to reach Palm Cove.

  • Who it is best for?

For couples who want a time alone, away from noise and city life near the oceanic beauty.

  • What are the most romantic places to stay?

The most famous places near Palm Cove are The Elysium, The Reef Retreat, and Alamanda Palm Cove.

2. Hunter Valley

Hunter Valley is a region of New South Wales, Australia. It is a home to award-winning wineries and acclaimed restaurants. It is often a favored getaway for couples looking for an escapist treat away from the city life.
Plan a special evening with your love. Learn the special procedure of winemaking. Sip one of the finest wine of Australia. Nest around the open fire, sample a drop of wine and discover your own personal flavor of wine. There are more than a hundred wineries around this place.

Hunter Valley is easily accessible from Sydney and one of the most famous wine regions in Australia. Also, a home to a dizzying array of cellar doors and a hub of secluded boutique resorts, the place is surrounded with lush green rolling hills—sounds like a perfect day out with your beau.

  • Why it is so romantic?
    It offers rolling hills, wine yards, hot air balloon ride with champagne, horse riding, and classic carriage ride. You can also hire a bike and pedal to wineries.


  • Where is it located?
    It is situated 150 km to the North of Sydney and it takes almost three hours to reach the destination. You can opt for any local transportation.


  • What is the nearest airport?
    Newcastle Airport is the nearest airport and it takes an only 40-minute drive to reach Hunter Valley.


  • What are the most romantic places to stay?
    Spicers Vineyards Estate, Blackwattle Luxury Retreats, and Lillies Luxury Retreats are the most romantic places to stay in Hunter Valley.

3. Sunshine Coast Hinterland

Explore the volcanic peaks of the Glass House Mountains. Embrace the breathtaking beauty of the rainforest, the picturesque waterfalls, and mystical mountains. Immerse yourself in the beauty and serenity of Sunshine Coast Hinterland.

Plan a picnic or an adventure trip, take your partner to the lush green and colorful side of Australia. The true hospitality at the charming and elegant cafes and award-winning restaurants will definitely uplift your motive for the visit.

Capture the postcard-perfect views with you and your beloved. Make the trip special by not missing to explore the unique art galleries, studios, and other art shops that showcase the original work by the local artists.

  • Why it is so romantic?
    The Glasshouse Mountain is surrounded by waterfalls, lush green mountains, and it is secluded. Offers plenty of hideaway style cottages and delicious food.


  • Where is it located?
    It is only 1 hour from Brisbane Airport and takes a 35-minute drive from Noosa.


  • Who it is best for?
    Someone looking for a mountain getaway in the middle of nature’s scenic beauty.


  • What is the nearest airport?
    Sunshine Coast Airport is the nearest airport and it takes 10 minutes to reach the destination. Other than this, if your flight lands at Brisbane Airport, the journey to Sunshine Coast is only about 1.5 hours.


  • What are the most romantic places to stay?
    The Glass on Glasshouse and Narrows Escape Rainforest Retreat.

4. El Questro In The Kimberley

If spa baths, sophisticated furnishings, floor-to-ceiling windows, and an endless landscape of unspoiled countryside are your idea of romantic time, El Questro has more than everything you need!

It is situated in the vast and ancient landscape of East Kimberley region. It is the Australian destination, unlike any other, that offers freedom to explore one of the last true frontiers of Australia.

Experience the dark blue sea, mystic waterfall, and other adventure spots at El Questro. Make it more memorable by clicking one of your best poses with your BFF.


  • Why it is so romantic?
    The dark sea dive, waterfall, lush green surrounding, and a feeling of seclusion. Offers plenty of hideaway-style cottages, wilderness, and tasty food.


  • Where is it located?
    It is located in the western part of the region is very far from Sydney Airport. The park is located 100 km west of Kununurra.


  • Who it is best for?
    Someone looking for safari cabins, camping, river rafting, and more adventurous sports.


  • What is the nearest airport?
    El Questro Airport is the nearest airport.


  • What are the most romantic places to stay?
    Perched on the top Chamberlain George, the most romantic place to stay is the Homestead. It is the most luxurious accommodation in El Questro.

5. Southern Highlands

The Southern Highlands is surrounded by National Park. It is visually impressive and peaceful. It offers gorgeous rainforests, scenic sunrise, and sunset, making a perfect spot for a picnic. Although it is a mountain village store, it is easy to find delicious cafes, galleries, and antique stores. There is plenty of scope for enjoyment and adventure.

Why it is so romantic?
The lovely green scenic beauty and floral landscape it offers is not less than the one you see in the romantic movies. It also has beautiful waterfalls, quiet and secluded accommodation options to make your stay pleasant with your loved one.

  • Where is it located?
    It is 1 hour and 34 minutes’ journey from south-west of Sydney.


  • Who it is best for?
    For someone who fancies nature’s scenic beauty and exotic locations


  • What is the nearest airport?
    Sydney Airport is the nearest airport and it takes only 1 hour to reach Southern Highlands.


  • What are the most romantic places to stay?
    Peppers Manor House and Crystal Creek Meadows are the most romantic places to stay.


Including the above-mentioned ones, there are many other places in Australia that you can visit with your love. Depending on the taste and choices of your partner, you can pick one of the mentioned locations and plan your romantic trip. Book your tickets now!

Look for the affordable airline and choose to board the flight from the nearest airport. Doing this ensures you save some money on your travel. To book your tickets to Australia, you can call on the customer care number of the airline.
Let the airline officials know about your date, day, and destination of travel. You get to choose between the various cost-effective options for ticket booking. You can choose the option that seems less expensive to you. Moreover, you may also get discounts, offers, and coupon codes for your bookings.

Book wisely. Spend reasonably. Travel freely. Have a happy journey!