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American Airlines: Things to Know for the First Time Flyers



Airlines is the most sought and travelled mode of transport across the world. Millions of people travel across countries and places for a variety of purposes. There is a large section of first time flyers in the airlines with every flight. 

Some essential points, any flyer should keep in mind while travelling with any flight or airlines. It is all the fear of the unknown. This step by step guide ensures that you get official and verified information. Lets aboard and fly high!

Point 1: Know About the Airlines and Background

American Airlines, was started in the year 1926. Now, it is the world’s largest fleet and one of the leading airlines. American Airlines offer more than 6,700 flights to 350 destinations in 50 countries. Being a founding member of the oneworld alliance. 

Being a world class business, American Airlines Group ranked the Fortune’s magazine’s list of the top prevailing businesses on NASDAQ.

With such a magnificent background and history, the flyers shall look forward for its services and deliverables. 

Regional Carriers with American Airlines

According to the American Airlines official site, American Eagle – a network of 7 regional carriers – operating under an official consensus and code share with American. They operate 3,400 daily flights to 240 destinations in the United States., Canada, the Caribbean and Mexico.

Subsidiaries of American Airlines

Envoy Air Inc. – Operates 180 aircraft on 900 flights to more than 150 destinations.

Piedmont Airlines Inc. – Operates daily regional flights to the eastern U.S. 

PSA Airlines Inc. – Operates 150 aircraft on 700 daily flights to 90 domestic destinations.

Point 2: Book Tickets with American Airlines

First time travelers are often anxious about booking tickets for the first time. If you are booking with American Airlines, then probably it is best to have a look at the American Airlines Customer Service.

For the booking, most people book through online portals or travel sites, from their PCs or mobile phones. If you have missed the chance to book it online, then you probably need to spend unfruitful time in the long airport queues.

How to Get the Best Deals with American Airlines Flights

There are numerous OTAs who help you book at very reasonable prices. But for more authenticated and verified ticketing, we would encourage you booking from the official airlines. 

While, booking tickets, you should have a check with all the fares available over the web and then look forward with the official airlines portal to book tickets.

After, you have booked your tickets, you can track your trip with the help of American Airlines Reservation tracker. You need to input the name of the passenger and record locator. All you will see is the record of the trip, you are seeking for the respective passenger. 

The Procedure to Check-In

Every passenger is required to check-in before boarding the flight. This acknowledges, that you are still with your plan to travel. For every booking made online, customers receive email confirmation and instructions to have your check-in.

Check-in process is usually about 24 hours prior to taking off. 

As per the check-in, you receive the boarding pass. Boarding pass is a document proving that the customer has purchased the tickets. 

For you are traveling with American Airlines, you can check-in online 24 before the flight.

Point 3: After Booking and Before Boarding

The first time travelers, must in keep mind to travel at least 2 hours before prior to the departure of the flight. It is required to you acquainted with the place and get security check-in easily done. This would help lessen your anxiety of traveling a plane for the first time. 

Flight Status and Timings

You should keep in touch with the accurate and real time flight timings. This ensures you never miss your flight and accordingly get check-in and boarding. 

If you have queries with your flight, you can contact the American experts through American Airlines Phone Number. The American Airlines Customer Service agents over the phone would help you with all our queries regarding the flight status, fare availability, delays and cancellations. 

Point 4: American Airlines Baggage Policies 

Being a traveler with American Airlines, one should know about the official baggage policies of the American Airlines. This also includes the check-in requirements for every passenger. 

Visit the American Airlines Customer Service page on the official website and learn about all the baggage policies and acceptance with luggage. 

The baggage policies of the American Airlines are stated as follows – 

How many bags can you take?

Check up to 10 bags if your trip is:

  • Domestic
  • Transatlantic
  • Transpacific

Weight and size

We calculate the size limits of your bag by adding the total outside dimensions of each bag, length + width + height.

For all regions, your checked bag allowance is:

Dimension: 62 in / 158 cm

Weight: 50 lbs / 23 kgs

For First / Business, weight is 70 lbs / 32 kgs

Oversize and overweight bags 

What will it cost?

In some cases, you won’t have to pay the fees for up to 3 bags. If you qualify for complimentary bags based on elite status, the benefits are based on your highest status level at time of ticketing or check-in.

For more information, visit official Baggage Policies of American Airlines. You can also reeach the help desk or American  Customer Service for help.

Official Helpline Numbers for Baggage Support/Customer Service 

ServicePurposeToll FreeAvailability
General Sales & ServicesSkyMiles Members

Flight Information

International Sales & ServiceSales and Service800-241-4141 24/7
Delta Airlines Customer ServiceRefund Status800-847-05788am - 7pm ET
Mon-Fri (Closed: Sat-Sun, U.S. holidays)
General Customer Service - DeltaComment/Complaint800-455-272024/7
Delta HelplineHearing & Speech Impaired (TDD)800-831-448824/7

For any help with official information, you can contact our agents through the helpline number and our website.


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