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Flagship Carrier of Canada, Air Canada Airlines: Essential Points Before FlyingAir Canada Airlines


If you fly internationally, then Air Canada is a name which you might have frequently heard about. Air Canada Airlines is the flag carrier of Canada and is also one of the largest airlines in the world at present. Whether it is the fleet size or the number of destinations it serves, an accomplished aviation company.

The Airlines serves to 220 destinations across the world and the fleet size is 186. The airline has a vast customer base and renders services to 48 million passengers (2017). The airline also has its subsidiaries namely:

  1. a. Air Canada Cargo
  2. b. Air Canada Express
  3. c. Air Canada Jetz
  4. d. Air Canada Rouge

For convenient flight reservations, you can call on Air Canada Airlines reservation phone numbers. For any assistance regarding flight travel, contact Air Canada airlines customer service helpline.

Why Choose Air Canada Airlines for Air Travel?

Air Canada offers premium services to its customers for their maximum benefits. There are several in-flight services that are beyond compare which makes it more preferential to fly with. Listed below are some of the features and benefits of traveling with Air Canada Airlines:

How to Check-In with Air Canada Online Service?

For the convenience of passengers, Air Canada has offered a number of ways with which check-in can be done. The methods involve:

  1. a. Mobile Check-In: Using the mobile application of Air Canada, online check-in can be performed. The mobile check-in platform allows the passengers to check-in at any time.
  2. b. Web Check-in: Passengers are also given the facility of web check-in. This can be done by simply visiting the Air Canada Airlines website. This is also a 24-hours available check-in platform.
  3. c. Counter Check-In: Like each and every airline, counter check-ins can be done for air Canada airlines at the self-service kiosks at the airports.

To board your flight on time, it is significant that you reach the airport at least 2 hours before the flight departs. Mobile and Web Check-in platforms open 24 hours before the flight departure. The self-service kiosks, however, open 12 hours before the flight departure.

For any information about flight check-ins, you can contact Air Canada Airlines Customer Service. The 24*7 available helplines are devised in ordered to assist you with all the flight-related information and resolve your flight inquiries.

How Reservations Seats Are Arranged

Air Canada Airlines has three travel classes namely:

  1. a. Business/Signature Class
  2. b. Premium Economy Class
  3. c. Economy Class

Seats provided to passengers according to their suitability. For short distance trips, Business Class and Economy Class are offered to the passengers. For longer hauls, passengers have the option of upgrading their trips to Signature Class.

Signature Cabins are divided into two cabins:

  1. a. Executive Pods
  2. b. Classic pods

To book and manage your flight, call on the Air Canada Airlines Reservations agents. For all the flight-related, information and assistance, you can call on our customer service phone numbers.

Air Canada Airlines : In-Flight Entertainment

It was the first Canadian Airlines to offer Wi-Fi in the flight and offers premium services to its customers, some of which are listed below:

Audio-Video Entertainment: The airline offers on-demand Audio video in-flight entertainment services (IES). There are setback TV sets in every aircraft. In Business and Signature Cabins, this in-flight service is enhanced and the setback TVs are replaced with state-of-the-art ex3 Panasonic IESs.

In-flight Food: Passengers are also provided with in-flight food services. With Signature, Business, Executive Pods, Premium Economy, this service is also extended to the Economy class in most of the international flights.

Comfortable Seat: Seats of Air Canada Airlines are extremely comfortable. The seats vary in every travel class but the comfort of passengers is intact. With convertible electric chairs in the Signature class and Business Class to recliners in the Economy Class, maximum comfort to the passengers.

There are several other benefits of traveling by Air Canada Flights. To avail information about flight benefits or to book tickets with Air Canada Airlines, you can visit the official website of Air Canada.

Air Canada Airlines Baggage Allowance

Just like every other airline, Air Canada Airlines also follows a fixed pattern and certain regulations for passenger luggage. On every Air Canada flight, passengers can carry two types of luggage with them:

  1. a. Cabin Luggage
  2. b. Hold Luggage

Cabin Luggage

One standard bag with every passenger with the dimensions of (55x40x23cm).

One standard bag (33x43x16xcm).

Note: There are no weight limitations but the only thing which you need to keep in mind is that you can put in the overhead bin without any assistance.

If you are traveling with a baby, you can carry another small bag in which you can keep all their items.

Hold Luggage

Hold Luggage have some specifications and limitations. The baggage allowance depends on which route you are traveling and in which class you travel. The average bag weight is 23 kg and it shouldn’t be larger than 158 cm.

To know the baggage allowance and luggage specifications, you can call on the Air Canada Airlines phone number. Even if you wish to take extra luggage, you can talk about the additional charges, call on the flight reservation number to avail that.

Special Travel Assistance: Visit Air Canada Offical Site

Infant Travel: Air Canada provides infant travel assistance both at the airport and in the flight. Our customer assistance stays with you before, during and after the flight.

Pet Travel: It allows pet travel. Policies vary from pet to pet. If you are traveling with pets onboard, you can call us and avail information regarding pet travel.

Person with a disability: Air Canada offers special assistance to people with disabilities. If you are traveling with a person with disability, you can avail all the information about the special travel assistance by calling us.

If you or the person you are traveling with requires special travel assistance, we are happy to help you. Right from availing information about flight travel to booking flight tickets accordingly, we assist you in every possible way. For a convenient flight journey, call on Air Canada Airlines Phone Number.

Important Helpline Numbers

Air Canada FlightsFlight Info and Reservations1-888-247-226224/7
Air Canada Customer ServiceMissing or Damaged Baggage1 888 689 224724/7