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Air China Airlines- Help with Your JourneyChina Airlines


When you get traveling on your mind, choose no other than Air China Airlines for its top-class services and great customer support at the nominal price range. Connect with us to carry out an outstanding journey.

Point 1: Know About the Airlines and Background 

Air China Limited is the leading airline and flag carrier of the People’s Republic of China. Its headquarters are in Shunyi District, Beijing. The operations of Air China’s flights are centered at Beijing Capital International Airport. In 2017, Air China carried 102 million international and domestic passengers with 81% average factor.

The airline was established and began operations on 1 July 1988 as an outcome of the decision of the Chinese government in late 1987 to divide the operating parts of CAAC Airlines abbreviating the Civil Aviation Administration of China, among six different airlines: China Eastern, Air China, China Southwest, China Northwest, China Southern and China Northern. 

Air China was assigned the topmost responsibility for the flights joining different continents and took over the long-haul aircraft of CAAC (Boeing 767s, 747s, and 707s) and routes.

Subsidiaries of Air China Airlines

  • Air China Cargo (51%)
  • Air Macau (66.9%)
  • AMECO (75%)
  • Dalian Airlines (80%)
  • Shenzhen Airlines (51%)
  • Shandong Airlines
  • Tibet Airlines

Point 2: Book Tickets with Air China Airlines

When it comes to booking, everyone searches for a low-cost ticket provider agency through which they get saved from burning holes in their pockets. We’re glad to tell you that your search is now over as we have come up with Air China Reservations, which is the third-party service provider online portal for the cheapest air ticket booking. 

At any point of time, just visit our website and get the best offers and discounts on every booking. To make the process a little easier and user-friendly, The Air China Phone Number service has been enacted where you have to call to book your flights. You can make reservations by either of the means as they are highly cost-effective.

Also, booking on these platforms is far better than the airport booking where you have to stand in long queues for hours.

How to Get the Best Deals with Air China Flights

Now, to get the best deals, it is advisable to compare the prices on different portals, travel sites, and the official airlines. If you’re flying for the first time and want an authenticated and verified ticketing, then you can book directly from the official airlines for the sake of satisfaction.

But if you’re a frequent traveler and want to save large bucks on ticketing, then head to the Air China Reservations or Air China Phone Number. Make a smart move by becoming a regular customer of these booking portals to get additional discounts in the long run.

The Procedure to Check-In

Usually, check-in is done before 24 hours of booking. Air China gives you the option of offline as well as online check-in. Check-in is important to verify that you’re traveling with us. After check-in, you will get a boarding pass, which will be proof of your ticket. 

In online check-in, you will be generated a boarding pass, which you’ll have to print and then take it at the airport. Keep your boarding pass handy for checking purpose. With Air China also, you can check-in before 24 hours prior to your journey.

Point 3: After Booking and Before Boarding

Make sure to leave timely for your journey to reduce the unnecessary hassle at the airport. Head to the airport before 2 hours of your flight departure to get the security check-in easily done.

For any queries related to boarding your flight or airport formalities, contact our representatives at Air China Customer Service. 

Flight Status and Timings

Keep an eye on your flight status and live schedules either from the official site of the airlines or from your reliable Air China Reservations. In case of any flight delays, adverse weather conditions, flight cancellations, talk to our experts at Air China Customer Service.

Point 4: Air China Airlines Baggage Policies

Carry-on Baggage

Here we are specifying the utmost dimensions and/or carry-on baggage weight that can be taken into the cabin. Each Business Class/First Class passenger is allowed to carry two pieces of carry-on baggage. Each weighing within eight kilos (17 lbs.). Every assenger in Economy Class is allowed to carry maximum one piece of carry-on baggage. Weighing in the limits of five kilos (11 lbs.). 

Each carry-on baggage piece’s linear dimensions should not be over 40 centimeters (16 in.) in width, 55 centimeters (22 in.) in length, and 20 centimeters (8 in.) in height. This ensures the carry-on baggage to get fitted under the seat. And in front of you or stowed in the shut overhead compartment onboard the aircraft. 

The baggage which is not able to get fitted under the seat or stowed in the overhead compartment or that is oversized or overweight, or that we think it could jeopardize safety will be carried as checked baggage.

Maximum weight and dimensions of checked baggage


Standard baggage: 

The total dimensions (length + width + height) of each piece of baggage, which should be under 158 cm (62 in, involving wheels and handles) should be more than 60 cm (24 in).

The total dimensions (length + width + height) of each item of baggage, which should be under 203 cm (80 in. Along with wheels and handles) should not be less than 158 cm (62 in), the fees of excess baggage must be paid.


Luxury First Class, First Class, Business Class: 

The individual piece of baggage must weigh less than 32 kg (70 lb) or 2 kg (4 lb).

Premium Economy Class, Super Economy Class, Economy Class: 

  • The individual piece of baggage must not exceed the limit of 23 kg (50 lb) or 2 kg (4 lb).
  • The individual item of baggage weighing more than 23 kg (50 lb). Yet less than 32 kg (70 lb) is subject to some extra charges
  • Any individual piece of standard baggage weighing more than 32 kg (70 lb). It must be checked in and repacked as two pieces.

Thus, for more details on the baggage allowance of Air China Airlines, refer to the Baggage Policy of the airlines.

 Important Helpline Number

ChinaAir China Enquiry0086-95583 | 0086-10-95583

Fax: 0086-10-95583-1-0
24 hours a day, seven days a week
North AmericaAir China EnquiryTel: +1-800-882-8122

Fax: +1-310-322-1133
06:00 - 21:00 Monday through Friday

07:30 - 16:00 Saturday and Sunday
(except Russia)
EnquiryTel: 00-800-86-100-999 (For fixed-line phone call only)Chinese and English services:06:00-22:00(GMT) Monday through Sunday;
German,French,Italian,Spanish services: Workdays Monday through Friday.
(Russia only)
Customer Service/EnquiryTel: 810-800-86-100-999 (For fixed-line phone call only)Chinese and English:06:00-22:00(GMT)Monday through Sunday;
Russian: 06:00-16:00(GMT) Monday through Friday.